Troublesome in 2014

  • June 23, 2014, 11:54 a.m.
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Back to work today, though I still feel pretty worn out. Normally I'd be off tomorrow and Thursday, but apparently my boss used Saturday and Sunday as my off days this week instead of using sick days/FMLA time to cover them, so I'll work the rest of the week. Not bad, but a bit daunting given how drained I am right now.

I find myself really off in my own world lately. Too tired, for one thing, to interact with people much. I've been crashing so early that I haven't really had an opportunity to talk to people in the evenings. I need to fix that.

But my best friend mostly just wants to talk about her guy problems lately, which I don't have the energy or mood to deal with. My brother's adjusting to a new job (at the same store where I am) and a new schedule (he's always worked closing shift but now he's going in at 5am), and though we've always been close, we don't really talk about that sort of personal stuff very often.

And my girlfriend's really been struggling lately. I'm not sure I can put anything else on her, but I also am not really in a position to help her much either. Not...very good of me, but it's true. I think my biggest fear of her moving her next month is that we're both our limits emotionally and mentally that we won't be able to really support each other the way we need.

Or maybe that's just my negativity of late talking. I don't know.

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