4:32 AM Pain And Two Weeks Sober in Hello

  • Nov. 1, 2022, 4:47 a.m.
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Gah! The left side of my face hurts. It’s around the gum line where I had two teeth pulled last year. Mom and I were munching on some crackers and homemade chicken salad when one of the crackers stabbed me where said teeth were. Oh crap is it freakin’ tender! Have to be careful.

It’s technically Tuesday, November 1st. Today is fourteen days or rather two weeks sober. Sunday night’s are usually reserved for a dinner out. On the way home we passed by the ghetto mart I would get beer and smokes at when the liquor would run out. Just passing by it made the thought of stopping for beer pop into my head. I was able to shrug it off but when that happens it’s a pain. It’s like my brain just forgot that last time I was drunk I wrecked a 55” 4K TV set.

55” 4K TV set!
I’m not writing that to brag.
I’m writing that as a reminder to hold myself accountable for something I cherished I TRASHED.
It was the biggest and coolest TV I’ve ever had. Hooked up to the WiFi and I’d watch YouTube and reruns if Daria on PlutoTV.

When I was at Wal-Mart last week I peaked at the electronics. They don’t even have that model anymore. 🤦 I’m making such a big deal about it because I would game a lot even if I wasn’t drinking. There were several times I’d get up early enough to get all my housework/errands done for the day that I’d have a few hours to chill before cooking dinner. I’d pop on the PS4 and crank out a few missions or just screw around exploring whatever game I was into at that time.

I need to sleep but as I’ve stated, my face hurts. 😡

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