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  • Oct. 6, 2022, 5:27 p.m.
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So I took Gabby to the family party for James’ passing and I didn’t stay. I probably should have to be there as support for Gabby, but I’m not sure in the end that I would have much nice to say. He was a partier.... and a drunk.... and in the end of his relationship with Destiny he hit her. When Destiny got Gabby back and brought her down to meet her dad they had all stayed at a hotel near here. He had a morning OJ that no one else was allowed to touch. Through his mom we were informed that the OJ was spiked and that’s how he was fighting the withdrawal symptoms. Granted he wanted it to look like he was trying to do better for his daughter.... and maybe he was....

I had told Gabby to listen, listen to people tell stories and ask questions. That it would be the best opportunity to get to know her father. I had said this while we were walking to a wall of photos.... I had made eye contact with 2 men around my age. .... one of them wearing a wife beater slapped me in the butt with a t-shirt while we passed by. Wildly inappropriate for an end-of-life party .... but… that was the guy I’m sure had some stories… so I pointed him out to Gabby.

I went and hung out at my brothers. We went out for some Mexican food and just chit-chatted the evening away.

When I went back to get her she’d talked to virtually no one. James’ mom said “she was bored to death”.... Gabby said, “no I’m just really sad”.....

I took Gabby for Boba tea at some point.... there are a couple of places near here. It was good but pointless.... she wanted “the popping ones” then ate like 6 and said she didn’t want anymore. It’s whatever, To be honest, I just wanted to keep her from having a breakdown. When I took her to the airport it was a mess.... After making her take us to the terminal we needed to be at she asked if we could go get coffee.... sure.... except in order to do that we had to do all the stressful things again :(.... we had plenty of time though so… shrugs

I ended up finishing the week with 319 from Door Dash and the next week there was promo on Saturday that had $3.00 bonuses for every delivery and I made up what I’d lost. This week, after working so much ëxtra” just to be okay.... I am doing what is required and nothing more. $75 a day for 6 days and Sunday off. This leaves room for things.... and if I make more then I can take Saturday off too.... currently if I make $123 tomorrow (which though not probable is possible) I can have all of Saturday off.... if not than maybe just work the early morning (4-5:30am) depending on how short I am.

While writing this I’d been asked to go for a test drive. .... My car is finally up and running. Rocky strongly suggests an alignment .... Says he doesn’t want me driving around a whole lot in it before I get one....

Nissan is having their Employee appreciation day Saturday.... I’ve never been, always worked weekends. Rocky’s wanting to go .... his Supervisor said “We will see what we can do to get out early.” I told Rocky not to hold his breath as that’s what they told the battery plant folks every year and yet I’ve never been able to go. It’s some kinda everything though… like they have a Farris wheel set up now and a couple carnival rides.... then tents everywhere and starting to prepare the pavilion to become an arcade (which is why Rocky wants to go). There will be food and prizes and from what I’ve heard it’s all free.... so kinda want to go.... but I can’t/won’t go without Rocky. So that’s a play it by ear.

I’m going to take Rocky to work tomorrow and use his car one last time. He will have it for the rest of the weekend. Monday, it needs an oil change. I’ll drive my car Saturday with the hope that he will get out early and message me that we are going to go to the fair thing..... but if not.... I’ll be able to use my car to finish off the week’s goal. Planning on Pot gummies Saturday (Indica) and Sunday (Sativa) to be well-rested and ready to start a new week Monday. Monday I will take Rocky’s car for an oil change and call around about alignment cost.

It’s going to be a week in which I ‘ll get behind again because with the car work.... and not dashing.... and.... we have a yard sale planned for the weekend.

Mom said “Joshua and I will come up midweek to help you get ready.”..... I”m thinking Thursday-Saturday..... no Sunday so that they can go home and I can get some rest before ROcky takes over my week. Hopefully, we will do good on the yard sale and I won’t feel the need to make up what I don’t make.....

bill wise.... everything is on time.... we still have roughly $2000 in medical bills .... paying $50 when I have it.... that will change soon....

Rocky’s been doing great with plasma and currently has a good $1000 on his card.... $853 he will need for his colonoscopy which is #1 priority. After he gets that done he won’t be able to give for a month..... He called and scheduled it for Nov 7th. Between now and then he will make enough to also fix the ignition issue on my car..... so he called the dealership today and it will take 7-10 days to get the part again then we will set the date to get that fixed.

The 18th of this month is an adjustment on my processors (Cochlear) and I’ve got a thing or 2 to say so hopefully that will go well....

The 19th Destiny is having a biopsy on some material in her uterus.... They are going to see what it is right then and a hysterectomy if it’s cancer at the same time.... Destiny won’t know till she gets up. She will be out of work anywhere from 4-10 weeks.

The 20th is my birthday :) yay me I didn’t die this year.!!!

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