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  • Sept. 20, 2022, 11:47 a.m.
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  1. It’s a competition show where you see who can make fun of short-term-thinking society-ruining profiteer vulture capitalists the best and it’s called SNARK TANK.

  2. If Nick Drake was a DUCKTALES character, you wouldn’t even need to change his name.

  3. Bad news is, all the legacy intellectual properties are slowly being absorbed into larger & larger corporate oligopolies, using their power to enforce copyright infinitely. Good news is you’ll get that Flintstones/Fantastic Four “Yabba Dabba Doom” crossover eventually, I guess.

  4. “Here Come The Littles” is so perfectly a rip-off of “The Borrowers” that I was only Today Years Old when I found out they were actually different intellectual properties.

  5. Any proper Paul Simon / Eminem mash-up would be dependent on the interplay of the lines “palms are sweaty” and “call you Betty”.

  6. “Ezra Bridger” doesn’t sound like the name of a Star Wars character, it sounds like the name of the bassist for a regionally-popular but deeply-untalented Christian-rock pop-punk band out of Utah.

  7. Call your magician hook-up bar “Mage/Sex/Location”.

  8. It must’ve been really confusing to watch The Wizard of Oz if you had total colour blindness. Like “why is the camera lingering on everything after she opened the door? looks the same to me”.

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