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  • Sept. 18, 2022, 3:55 p.m.
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  1. It’s not magical pesto if you don’t use real basilisk.

  2. If you’re a billionaire & you wanna watch Tolkien, you hire a bunch of height-challenged folks to act it out for you while being hand-fed elephant pituitary glands by 6‘3” muscle women in Red Sonya costumes. Musk is just streaming the normal show? What a waste of wealth.

  3. A genetically engineered hearing ear dog called the Cochlear Spaniel.

  4. When he’s a 10 but it’s binary notation.

  5. Why call it a “bong” when you could technically call it a “leafblower”?

  6. An all you can eat Italian restaurant called “In For The Penne, In For The Pound”.

  7. I feel bad when anyone passes, like, every human life is a unique experience of existence & the loss of that is a true loss. But I’m not gonna mourn some rich person, born into wealth founded on centuries of horror, any more or less than some other person I never knew personally.

  8. As sports gambling becomes more widely legal, I wonder if it largely eventually kills fantasy sports, considering how 83% of fantasy was just an end-around on gambling bans. Like how there’s still SOME bootlegging as a tax dodge but the end of Prohibition made it niche again.

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