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  • Sept. 18, 2022, 9:50 a.m.
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So, the rest of things.... mom called yesterday.... talking about the garage sale we were supposed to do this-or last- weekend. .....

My car is taking up most of the driveway so that’s not a thing till my car gets fixed.

We talked and it’s now planned for when Joshua in on Fall break. I think she said the second week in October. Should be a cool 70’s then.... One can hope. SO.....

I told Rocky it needs to be fixed or moved by then, period. If he can’t fix it then have it hauled.... DONE needs to be done.... can be moved to Eddie’s garage so you can work on it together but needs to be out of my driveway so we can do the yard sale.

A little pinching and a lot of work and the bills are back on track. Still have $2000 in medical bills and will be working on that but there is no chance of shut-off notices, so that’s good.

So far the day has not gone as planned… but I can see it getting better.... especially after all this thought dumping.

I woke at 2:11 to a little throw-up in my own mouth.... brushed my teeth and took some tums, then napped in my chair. I figured if I was unsuccessful I’d go dashing at 4.... but I woke at 5:10.... laid back down in the bed and woke Rocky for work. Destiny called to talk about James’ condition on her way to work (see previous entry) and I got back up to talk to Rocky for 10 mins while he finished getting on with his day.

I tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t.... so many things in my head obviously (3 entries today so far).... so I got up and watched Tic Tok for 2 hours.... then took a shower.... laundry started.... and am now on my 3rd thought dump..... next? dishes… make some Chex mix… set up pills for the week.... work on a crochet witches hat that Destiny requested of me.... pot gummy mid-afternoon… and personal phone time with Jake at some point.

I have a necklace that I’ve been wearing.... well trying to wear more as it seems to distract my hands.... but… it’s giving me a rash :( makes me a bit sad.... I have others… and can move the charm. Will probably do that today too....

I think that’s it for now.

Jakers September 18, 2022

I told u I wanted a banana warmer but have u priced it no n I am sad my banana gets cold n it needs a warner

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