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  • Sept. 18, 2022, 10:34 a.m.
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I figure I have 3 entries in my head today..... this is #2.... so....

Yesterday, the morning call From Destiny didn’t happen.... she’d called out or something after taking her nephew to a strip club for his 21st Birthday. I found out through the course of the day ( through Jake and later in a call from Dest and Gabby) that Gabby’s day James had a heart attack. He was unresponsive and they did CPR for 30 mins!.... he’s currently in critical care in Columbia(TN).

There is talk about him not making it. Gabby is having a hard time.... and Destiny is having a hard time with how this will affect Gabby. James has signed his own death cert.... smoking, pot, alcohol, and he got all the COVID boosters … everything in excess.... I do think it’s sad and I will attend a funeral if he doesn’t make it. After all, at one point, he lived under my roof and married my best friend.

I made it very clear to Dest that she is welcome to stay here if she needs to visit to encourage recovery or for a funeral. If you haven’t followed Gabby’s story.... let me give you a short rundown here.....

James hit Destiny in anger when Gabby was very young. He moved back to TN and Dest stayed in MI. Destiny’s dad died and she got into a very dark place in her life. She gave her 2 children (at the time) to people she thought cared. Her oldest, her son, Chris is with her mother and there has never been a problem with contact however those who had Gabby it was a whole other story. Lots of courts, misunderstandings, feelings of failure, drama and even some illegal activity… mostly on the part of the guardians… When Destiny, in a more sound state, with the support she had been lacking, pursued getting her child back it was met with resistance of course but also with a whatever attitude. The Guardians gave Gabby to Destiny like they didn’t give a shit anymore..... it’s had a bad effect on Gabby. Giving Destiny Gabby before anyone was really ready for it.... Gabby has been home now for 2 years after not even seeing her mother for 8.... it’s been a road.... they really messed that girl up. Dest has stated she’s not entirely sure they didn’t sexually abuse her. .... Not the issue now.... the issue now is…

She didn’t even get to really meet her dad till Destiny got her and now she has to deal with the loss. It’s not fair! She blames the guardians. She is crying off and on and is a wreck. It’s her first close to the heart injured loved one.

Part of me hopes he makes it for her..... and part of me hopes he gives up for her. Destiny still goes to the river to be close to her dad spiritually. She feels that she can’t help her daughter through this....

I told Rocky this morning if there was a program we could take to get through grief we’d all pay our $20 and take out 3 days off work to get through it. Grief is different for everyone.... each stage has different periods of time.... and sometimes the whole process is repeated throughout the griever’s life. It’s not science we can just get through.....

Having dealt with a brain injury survivor I think the loss would be easier so please forgive me for hoping he doesn’t make it. The prayer prayed .... and that I would ask of anyone who wished to contribute is that the will of whatever higher power you might pray to be done and that through whatever hardship Gabby has as a result she persevere.

Jakers September 18, 2022

Prayers for a child that had not experienced death like u n me jen my first serious death 1985 feb my dads mom an angel the hardest worker both a certified special needs teacher and a certified emergency room head nurse both masters degrees

JHkerriokey Jakers ⋅ September 18, 2022

I know, and I pray more for her than James in all honesty, though clear in the post itself.

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