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  • Sept. 18, 2022, 9:56 a.m.
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There feels like a lot to unpack today… this week… so here....

Delivered to the battery plant yesterday. That was fun. The guy I delivered to sent me an in detail message about how to get there. I messaged back “Worked there for 8 years, currently out on disability. I know right where you are.” Äwesome!” and though it was on a weekend day I didn’t recognize him :( but it was fun anyway....

and lets start with work then.... I finally got the letter from Symetra saying they stand firm on their denial decision. That the MRIs taken shows nothing and there is no support for my claim of dizziness.... so maybe.... because I don’t have this dizziness I should just stop taking the meds I’m on… no need for all this (gestures to the pill bottles to the left) if I’m not getting dizzy anyway.... don’t worry I”m just frustrated I’m not stupid… this stuff is helping prevent it from being as bad as it was before..... since the doubling of the Venlafaxine I’ve been dizzy in few situations. .... things like putting on my shoes in the morning have subsided.... situations that are still an issue? Brushing my hair, stairs, stress, too much salt, getting too hot and heavy physical activity. Mostly manageable.... but still too much for me to go back to work in a factory as there is no understanding in that environment. The denial letter states that there is no support after April 14, 2022 and that my rights within the company’s policy have been exhausted. I’s supposed to call them Monday if there is anything I don’t understand.... and there is Thing to do today #2

They are missing a whole doctor. I’ll use the Hospitals emails and my emails to determine when the paperwork was sent so I’m prepared for the conversation but the doctor I’m working with for vestibular migraines .... not the neurologist.... isn’t even on the consulted doctors.... and my GP is!?! wtf??? Why would my GP be consulted literally the only thing he could say is “I referred her to a neurologist.” It’s all a bunch of bull shit.... whatever.... end result, either way, is no more FMLA or STD or LTD.... no help … fine… not like we aren’t dealing without it .... I haven’t told Rocky yet.... He thinks I’ll be able to have another review using my chosen doctors?.... honestly, I’m ready to let it go for now and just try to turn Door dash into a decent paycheck.... or… crafty stuff?

Honestly, the disability update is probably enough for one entry. I like to think I’ll get a lawyer on it in November.... but if I’m working with Door Dash I’m not sure that will be a thing. I do not wish to be government-dependent and have to tell them more about my life than they already know. Besides the fact that programs are put into place for people who cannot do it.... and I can.... is it hard… well yes.... that’s life.... that’s how it works....

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