dream from last night on notepad in Second 1st

  • Sept. 15, 2022, 1:18 p.m.
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typed out in Notepad while site was down at 3:30 this morning....

There were 2 dishwashing areas side by side each required a team of 2 to work them. I was teamed with a large black lady who was loud and obnoxious.
In the other wash area was a skinny white chick with red hair and another with way less meat black chick.
The white girl came to me and was complaining about having to work with them and I asked her if she wanted to switch she’d said no and I told her if she changed her mind to let me know.
Each employee at this.... well resort got a room. just a simple room you could fill with whatever ya like.
Rocky and I moved in. So many things.... a bookshelf and books, videogames (no consoles though, guess they would come later), and just all manner of daily things.
I’m not sure how we got there and all the fun details elude me now but I got caught having sex with another employee. We were both fired and several other workers also quit.
Including the large black girl who’s name was Queen and who the man I’d had sex with was involved. We went out into the resort and I asked him his name “RayRay” and if I could get his number
so that I might call him öf course” Then he asked me to put a nick name in my phone or add änd Queen”to it .... sure.... and dissapointment as apparently he was worth losing a job over....
I noticed a Tattoo it was a word bubble coming from a scribble on his shoulder that said “Meet me in the quiet on Feb. 4th”.... I asked him about it and he asked me on a date.
“Do you knoe somewhere quit we can go? Maybe an empty pool hall or a quiet bar?” I did in fact. I had been there in a previous dream. As I thought about it I started seeing games we could play and
a huge flea market area. Those who had been fired were dragged back in to security and escorted to their rooms. We were made to grab what items we wished to keep and leave.
I did so grabbing whatever electronics and sentimental items that I do not remember. I later Got in trouble with Rocky about not grabbing a specific book.
Anyways.... afterwards we all went to the “quiet place”I’d thought of and… well it was no longer quiet. That is where Ray professed his love for Queen. I pulled her aside and explained the reason
we’d been fired and she said “I know, he’s been talking about you for months. You are free to do as you like and I won’t stop you.” Understanding this as an open relationship.
I decided to play this game where people were running up stairs.... and I followed.... someone was running down complaining “There are at least 100 flights, I want out of this thing.”
I decided to run down with her and discovered a rising water level. I started trying to text my friends on the outside using some kind of game chat on my phone.
We started running up again but within 5-6 flights we got caught in a spot that killed me. My last words were hollered “I love
you all, good luck.” but I respawned.... and on the next flight I found an opening to hide in. Then the world opened up and there were no more stairs.
Suddenly there were words on my “viewer” that said 888 points for survival.... no idea what the points were for but I considered doing that again for more points.
I tried to hunt down Ray and found out he was in his car fucking Queen. From who? Jake.... why was he there… Woke up....

Gotta run it’s 3:59 and I start Door dash at 4… still gotta get gas…

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