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  • Sept. 7, 2022, 10:47 p.m.
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So my little brother got arrested. He went to jail Wednesday night and got out of jail on Thursday. We waited all day for him. He went home yesterday and then we put him in motel last night and now today, he’s going to go stay with my Mom’s friend. Him and my Dad got into a physical altercation and now there’s a no contact order. I don’t think this is fair to Jr because everything he’s gone through, my Dad should have gone through as well.

It’s been a rough few days and I’ve gotten very little sleep. There’s a pool where my little brother is so my daughter went swimming after school.

As we were there waiting for him, the school called and let me know that my daughter was accepted into the after school program which is great news because that opens my availability to be able to work.

I’m very upset that all of this has happened. My little brother needs to get a lot of help but I struggle knowing he now has this hanging over his head. My Dad has always been a fantastic button pusher and on the same hand, my little brother has a very explosive temper. I have always said that it’s not healthy for them to live together anymore but again, no one is ever willing to make changes and do anything different to prevent something like this from happening.

My kid is out of school until Tuesday now so I’m hoping we will get to do some fun stuff and things won’t be terribly stressful. I’m sitting here waiting for her to wake up because we gotta go get him from the motel and get him settled where he’s going to be staying.

I wake up and go outside to smoke yesterday morning before my kid got up and there was a birthday card sitting on a chair for my kid. I know it’s from her Dad. Her birthday was 2 months ago. I have since thrown it away because had I given it to her, she would expect to see him and then we all go through it. Life is a lot less complicated not having anything to do with him and I plan to keep it that way. He claimed he moved a few hours away and obviously he didn’t since he left that card.

My brother said that he hasn’t heard from him in quite a while but he had told my brother he’s made a couple CS payments. I sent my brother a screenshot from the website proving that was untrue. He hasn’t paid in 15 months now, not even a dollar.

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