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  • Sept. 3, 2022, 3:15 p.m.
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This world is just full blown narcisistic and I’m so over it. Everyone I know is just outrageous with the way they see things and I’m going to start with my brother. He likes to be pretty hard on anyone that may get a break in life even though he’s always had help. He’s never struggled for anything but that’s not the way he tells it. He lived off 2 of his kid’s Moms for years and then the girl he’s with now they lived off welfare for about 8 years until they bought a house, which my Grampa paid the down payment and gave him a fairly new pickup worth a hefty chunk of money.

He’s always had this thing where he feels everyone should struggle for everything they have, regardless of circumstance. He likes to berate me for my situation and pretty rather hard on me but has never had the same energy for my daughter’s SD. It’s like since my brother has had children that he’s abandoned and hasn’t been great at paying CS, he has more sympathy for people who have done the same.

Then, I see the other day on Facebook him arguing with people about student loans being cancelled and how everyone is going to be stuck with that debt. He himself worked very little for a long time claiming that he was getting his GED and never actually did. I don’t see why people shouldn’t utilize having their debt forgiven when the government is offering it. I’ve read so many articles about people struggling with housing because of their student loan debt. So, people should have to worry about ending up on the street because they have this debt?! I feel like there’s a serious lack of sympathy for others.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I know I love to express mine but whether we like it or not, this is what’s going on in the world today. Ya can’t please everyone and there’s always going to be someone saying things are unfair.

I also get annoyed with how he LOVES to make you feel worse about shit. He knows my situation and completely enjoys making backhanded comments. I just love how the bigger picture is overlooked and making people feel less than dirt is the thing to do. I can take constructive critical comments but once it turns into disrespect, I need to distance myself because I love myself enough to know when someone is toxic for me.

It’s hard to be sympathetic at times and I can say that I could have more empathy towards people than I do but my brother is unnecessarily cruel. He thinks that everyone should struggle, including children and if the parents can’t provide for them, it’s okay for them to go without. He thinks that no one should receive any kind of break, regardless of their struggle. HIs mental issues with anxiety matter but no one else is allowed to feel anxious, sad, depressed, angry…I don’t ever want to understand his thinking.

He’s got a lot of issues with double standards and contradicting himself. He likes to bitch about things that he could change.

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