I dreamed I was eternal in anticlimatic

  • Aug. 24, 2022, 11:20 p.m.
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Just had a queer old bit of memory fall into my lap. Some time before adolescence. Just before it. Autumn season, my dad in the kitchen. Or grabbing wood outside. A particular smell that I can’t name, or recall. Like a mix of irish stew and wet leaves. It was world that felt so incredibly sturdy and dependable. What a pleasant time to be alive, that was.

Now that we are obviously an empire in decline, I’m not sure I want kids- though I suppose even if it is a decline, the human race must go on. Must try try try again. I think people lose sight of the big picture- the meaning of life, as it were.

We exist, all of us, for a simple purpose- to participate in the evolution of the species. If that means dying off and ending a failed lineage, that’s still an important part of the process. That’s most of the process in fact. You can also serve by competing with other human iterations for the sake of stressing them into further growth and specal maturation. Stress is an effective catalyst for evoltion…so long as it doesn’t cause extinction instead.

It’s hard to grapple with what mortality implies, so we don’t- opting instead for necessary fantasies of immortality– and we shape our virtue and purpose around that illusion. You’re not doing the species any good by being kind to it or soft to it. You’re not doing it any good by being generous towards it, or enabling it.

The planet is a locked room with a time bomb in it. Evolution is the only shot we have at forging a key to escape, and ultimately survive for real- not just in our dreams.

Miss Chiffs Manager August 26, 2022

The bloated carcass of the west isn't the future; that's true. We may have been borne by this empire but I, at least, have no loyalty to it.
We can find ourselves in the future, if we want.

anticlimatic Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ August 29, 2022

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Miss Chiffs Manager anticlimatic ⋅ August 30, 2022

I am an empiricist.
There is no evidence for it

anticlimatic Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ August 30, 2022

I have vague empirical evidence for it, mostly from unreliable sources like dreams and intuition. But yeah, same.

Miss Chiffs Manager anticlimatic ⋅ August 30, 2022

What I mean by find ourselves in the future is that we, as human beings, have the unique opportunity to seek validation, standards, morals, universals, etc, from the future instead of the past. Looking forward in time is an exclusively human capacity.

anticlimatic Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ August 30, 2022

I never figured out how to look into the future despite all my years of parsing out the past to engineer stable and accurate models of projection.

Miss Chiffs Manager anticlimatic ⋅ August 30, 2022

I don't want to spoil what sounds like a difficult conundrum, but it's just empathy.
Empathy with your future self.

anticlimatic Miss Chiffs Manager ⋅ August 30, 2022

Empathy with ones self? There's a fresh conundrum. :)

Miss Chiffs Manager anticlimatic ⋅ August 30, 2022

Glad you like it :)

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