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  • Aug. 19, 2022, 2:30 a.m.
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School starts in less than 2 weeks. I can’t believe how fast time has gone!! Things have definitely gotten better. We got our new AC a couple of weeks ago, I got my car fixed and picked it up yesterday and today I apparently got a grant to pay my electric bill! I can’t even describe how relieved I feel about all of this! I am so glad the car nightmare is over, it was 3 weeks of complete and utter headache!

I’m still pissed that our family friend was to fix my car and then didn’t. I’m glad that I didn’t have any faith in him so I scheduled the appointment for it to go to the shop. Thank God I did or who knows how fucking long it would have sat here broke down and then wait to be threatened with getting it towed. I didn’t spend a fuck ton of money fixing it and I’m really grateful for that.

Then I spent a good amount of time sweeping, mopping, and cleaning today when I got an email stating that my electric had been paid. I was super confused because I know damn well I haven’t paid it and then I looked at the email where I had gotten a grant to cover it. I admit, my whole day got even better. I am so thankful for all the good that has happened recently and feel blessed beyond measure.

This has been the worst Summer of my whole life but I’m glad that things are getting better and to know that we are going to be just fine. It’s going to be a little bit cooler the rest of the week so we’ll probably hit the park soon. She’s been asking to go. We’ve been home quite a bit recently so it’s time to be outside some.

My daughter is sleeping and may sleep all night again. I’m happy to get a little break and be able to just sit in my own thoughts. It’s just been the craziest thing having no break for almost 3 months and now I think about her going to school and what I’m going to do to keep busy. I want to start working out, be able to work even part time and start being able to attend counseling regularly. I’m so angry that I’ve missed out so much on seeing my therapist because there’s no sitter. I just have so much I’d like to talk about and get another perspective on and I have to keep it all in.

It was hot today but then we had a little storm roll in and the temp dropped about 15 degrees so it’s really nice outside. I love that we are going through the transition where it’s only hot during the day and it really comfortable at night and in the morning. I’m definitely ready for Fall because this heat has made me half sick and it gets harder on me every year. I absolutely despise the damn heat. I don’t like extreme cold either.

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