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  • Aug. 15, 2022, 10:08 a.m.
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So I creeped that filthy website he’s on and it looks like he’s going to a convention about 7 hours away from the 2nd-5th and is possibly moving there. I was originally annoyed that he got to drink and party at the event we had here and make a good chunk of money under the table to fund this trip but I’m happy to hear that he may move there because I would like this town a lot better knowing I would never have to worry about seeing him again.

I know he’s really good at future faking and the thing is, he probably doesn’t know anyone down there that’s going to give him a free place to live and put up with him not working so even if he does move there, he’ll be back because he’s able to live off his sister here. I just hope to God this is the one time he’s NOT lying and I would be super happy for him to go!!

He hasn’t paid CS in 14 months now and hasn’t seen his child in a year. I’m hoping that if he gets picked up after crossing state lines that he will be held accountable. He’s had his warrant for about 10 months now so I’d be really grateful for him to finally get picked up and have to pay at some point. I have done it all by myself with zero help from him for so long that I’d be just tickled pink to start seeing some CS.

I know that it’s probably never going to happen but I’m not giving up on it yet. I know plenty of women that are going through the exact same thing and it is absolutely crazy how these deadbeats don’t ever have to take accountability for abandoning and neglecting their child which I think should be criminal and they get to just live their lives like their children don’t exist. All of this just disgusts me.

I’m also upset that I haven’t had a night out away from my child in months. I don’t get that luxury. I’m also pissed that he gets to just pick up and travel, drink, party, fuck bitches while I’m sitting here clinging to the last shred of sanity I have because I can’t even go to fucking counseling! I can’t work because of the price of childcare! I have car problems, a broken screen on my phone, I’m behind on my light bill and he gets to walk around without a care in the world!! It’s just fucking disgusting!!!

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