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  • Aug. 14, 2022, 8:03 a.m.
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Sitting on the porch waiting for Jake’s call....and my mom to pick me up....

A water main broke this morning near Destiny’s so there’s no water this morning....

I’m still slowly catching up on sleep from. The 24 hours awake with Jake. This morning I got up to see Dest off to work and slept an hour after. I missed Jake’s call and a text from his mom about where to meet me.

Yesterday was a major disappointment as we had to take 1 of the 8 cats 🐈 to emergency care....took a good 8 hours....

Today, the plan right now is.....Jake is gonna call me back after’s gonna text me when she’s on her be at the park at 9:30 because she wants to “make sure to get the pavilion” then around 10 hopefully family shows up. Mom made a post on FB about having a family thing then.....but I’m sure she doesn’t realize how little people actually pay attention to we will see who she’s alerted outside of social media. ....she’s planned 10-2 but Jake’s mom is going to come get me at 12:50.

Jake’s mom will stay just a short time. He’s told her “10 then I want you gone.” Sad really but his mom stresses him out. I hope he realizes it’s not about avoiding stress so much as learning to deal with the stress you can not avoid. Either way....we will send her on her way and I’ll stay till 3....then mom will pick me up and we will go where ever she wants and stay where ever she wants tonight....leaving in the morning I hope.
We were going to leave Tuesday but David is “already freaking out” about appointments on Wednesday and getting the car returned by 4 Tuesday.....if we leave and mom stays the night and my place ....we will have all the time we could ever need.

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