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  • Aug. 13, 2022, 6:44 a.m.
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Spent the day yesterday grave hopping. Went to my cousi Kim’s in the morning and My cousin Jacob’s for dinner. It was hot and rough.

Jake called a couple times yesterday....I tried to call him around 7 and apparently he’s found some friends to play cards with. Destiny says he was playing Euker earlier in the day. He told me he’d call back later and then didnt....it’s fine I miss him but I just want him to be okay.

During the course of my visit I’ve come to realize....well… I’ll wait on that but Jake and I working out seems less of a possibility.....not because of emotional issues or mental stability but....lack of determination. I’d love toblame the medications and wait it out though…so we will see.

Rocky was not upset that I’d stayed with Jake at the hospital. Destiny was pretty happy about getting “a day to herself”....I’m looking forward to visitation tomorrow.

Dest took me to the dispensary for gummies and I bought a bunch…who knows when the next time I will be able to get up here is ....or how often I will take a day off and have one.....the reaction was much more intense when we did some Thursday....my guess is because they(doc) doubled up on the med that would have reacted just before I came up.

Plans are to chill today, moms talking about cleaning the car and packing some of the things she’s picked up, doing laundry....I brought enough so I’m not worried. So, today Destiny gets an extra day. The girls will both be out of the house by 11, we are gonna run out for some snacks and chill out.

Mom wants to leave Monday night early (1am) Tuesday....car has to be back by 4 Tuesday and we will need time to unpack it, figuring 12 hrs for the drive.

That’s the plan....moving on with my life…
Rocky called, just checking in, should have my car dismantled by the time I get home. Called on his way in.

Shortly after, Jake called, poor guy was close to being strapped in at bedtime due to anxiety. Found out he’s deathly allergic to 2 more meds (total of 3, which includes Codine). It was good to hear his voice. Apparently, he’s been teaching everyone to play Garbage....played 3 hours of it yesterday and plans on 5 more today lol.

Dest is up now!

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