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  • Aug. 13, 2022, 5:24 a.m.
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The kids are still asleep…it’s head is killing me....for the second time today. I know why and there’s not a lot I can do about it.

Tuesday we got here mid afternoon. We’d passed a Micheals on our way to Destiny’s and Mom got strangely excited....she dropped me off and went back lol. Didn’t take any of her stuff out at all....kinda glad she didn’t as I realized.....allergies…dest smokes inside....and 8 cats....gonna be bad enough that it’s on me now…

Mom went on to stay with Uncle Gary, not far from here (20 mins or so).

Discovered Gabby has that’s great…being really careful but I bet I catch it....she doesn’t seem to care if anyone else gets them.

There have been huge rubs between Destiny and Jake......them both wanting my time....and the kids each want time with me I dont understand why they can’t all spend time with me together.... other than Jake wanting private time....

Wednesday Jake came and got me about 5…we went to his place and attempted to go back to sleep. Cuddled on his bed a bit....then got up and went dashing. It wasn’t the best day.......

It seemed everytime I turned around I was paying for something. I got us breakfast, then I got an oil change for his car, 30 in gas and lunch…

It’s unimportant seemed as though he was going down…less excited about the days possibilities as the day went on. Decided to go visit Jake Jr.s grave where he seemed to relive the day he’d been lost.

It was a rough day for me too....Destiny was upset that Jake came and got me so early, that I would be spending the day with him and not her , though she was at work. CHILDISH SHIT…

A patient at the home Dest works at had to go to the she said she would message me when she left work because it would be latter than usual. Then she didnt…I saw her home on 360…Jake gave me his car so he wouldn’t have to deal with her....again childish....but understandable.....

At the house had dinner and played some games with Dest mom and Gabbs......Jake texted both me and Dest so.e really long messages that sounded like reasons for suicide....I checked the 360 to see if he was still ho.e and he’d deleted himself from. The I went to send him a message on FBmessenger and he’d deleted his new (only a week) account.... I said I’d seen this and asked Dest “You ready to go for a ride? Jake’s car or your van?”

We finally got a hold of Jake on the ride to his house and he sounded disconnected and drugged like he had no idea why wed be calling. So dest and I discussed Taking him to the hospital.

Jake: Hey, what are you doing here?
Dest: Going to take a ride.
Jake: to get ice cream?
Dest: yeah but not the good kind

So, after calling places found a maybe bed. We headed to that hospital where Dest checked him in but didn’t stay long… left around 9:30.....after in take we sent his mom home and I stayed up with Jake all night dest came back at 530 am ....I went home and around 1030 he was able to get a bed for his suicidal thoughts.....all goes well I will see him for a couple hours sunday…Sunday....

Took Dest to get breakfast........yesterday was all about her so....whatever…

Spending g time with mo. Now so signing out.

Jakers September 12, 2022

U saved me from death satan says to me come on u can visit your son now but jen u saved me once again

JHkerriokey Jakers ⋅ September 13, 2022

You do realize if you went with Satan you'd only get to "see" your son...and likely through distorted torture windows.....right? Wait it out, there is something way better.

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