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  • Aug. 6, 2022, 1:34 a.m.
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POP! and now something new is wrong with my car.... something that feels tragically more permanent. The front passenger tire is askew. No e-fund because the wedding was so important.... and no car because that’s life.

So I went to bed last night crying because I really thought I could make Dashing work for me. I had figured out a goal and made it known to Rocky that he needed to put in the extra effort now if he wanted to get that e-fund back....

He’s got a colonoscopy at the end of the month and I wasn’t bothered when they told him after that he won’t be able to give plasma for a month. … well that would have been fine…

I’m back in a bit of panic this morning. I won’t be dashing the rest of the weekend (3rd damn week in a row). I have to figure out how to make that weekly goal… I’d set as $450.... but half of that as food for the tank so $225 a week… there is no way to do that on MTurk.... really Door dash was a blessing to have gotten into when I did.... another option would be to do it at night. Schedule shifts for the moment Rocky is home and dash at night when the air is cooler and I can survive more than 4 hours due to heat. Of course, putting gas back into the mix I’d still need $450. I have found that doable.... but with no car, for me, it’s going to have to go up.... I’ll have to give myself actual hours of operation because the more I make the faster I can get a car.... or get mine fixed.... ....

My head is groggy this morning.... and I’m not looking forward to the pain and dizziness that a shift switch would cause. However, it seems like the best option. … When I get back of course.... there is no reason to get it started, then go to MI with mom and suffer more.... I can work on it while I’m here though.... stay up later with the girls or whatever.

I guess that’s the game plan.... I’ll work on MTurk today.... and tomorrow.... at max I’ll make $20 but that’s most of the water bill ya know.... maybe I can manage a long nap around 3 or 4pm and put in a couple of hours dashing after Rocky gets home? I asked if I could take him to work and he went silent. Apparently, not something that’s doable for him.... who knows why. .... it’s whatever though.... It will honestly be better for me to do doordash at night right now anyway.... it being so hot out.

Sammy has a large basket of clothes in the laundry room I don’t know if they are clean or dirty.... and he hasn’t been home. I understand but I would like to know the game plan.... as far as I know we pack him up in a U-Haul tomorrow .... strap his car to a dolly.... so that he can leave the morning of the 8th.....

Then, … mom will come that afternoon and we will pick up a rental car and leave out as early as possible the 9th.

I’ve got to get a little short-sited to make it through this trip. I’d made plans for some money I’d squirreled away and I intend to keep them.... however, the part of me that’s freaking out is thinking about how much/little I could use as a down payment on a car or get a loan or what have you. I’m down but I’m not out yet....

The current plan is to move to nights and use Rocky’s car.... going to be painful and shitty for a bit.... and of course, every time I have an appointment.... but whatever.... we all have to go through stuff right.

Hotaru August 06, 2022

You may have already tried this but does the ac in his car just need to be charged? I used to have to do it every summer on my old car. There was a slow leak we never could find.

JHkerriokey Hotaru ⋅ August 06, 2022

It has something to do with a switch behind the dash. Nearly impossible to get to without him ruining the dash itself as it's one unit.... :(

Hotaru JHkerriokey ⋅ August 06, 2022

That makes sense. I figured if it was that simple you probably would have fixed it already.

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