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  • July 31, 2022, 8:56 p.m.
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So, he has several profiles on Facebook and apparently messaged my friend on the 18th wanting to take her swimming and for the whole weekend. She didn’t see it until today. I think it’s not only creepy that he has more than one Facebook, but then he talks about himself in the 3rd person. I have already told him when he’s able to at least talk to her on the phone consistently a few times, maybe we could arrange to go to the park. He’s never going to just take her and I also won’t get to know where she is.

I’d love to know who the fuck he thinks he is. He’s never just taking my child. I’m done proving that I’m the bigger person. I refuse to sit back and just let the inevitable happen because he’s too fucked up to take care of her. Everyone thinks I should just let him take her whenever he wants but they aren’t the ones to live with the outcome. The guy has not only never given me a reason to trust him but has given me a list of reasons why there needs to be a court order. If he wouldn’t have threatened to kill me while I was pregnant and ever proved he wanted to be an actual Dad to her shit wouldn’t be like this!!

So we have several days of heat coming starting today. I’m going to take her to a fun outdoor thing here in a few minutes. I told her we probably won’t be there long as it’s going to be super hot but she wants to go anyways. Probably stop by and get my laundry from my Mom when we’re done too.

My daughter has this issue where she has to spill something every single day. Whether it’s in the house or the car. Makes a huge fucking mess. My carpet is completely destroyed in the living room. Just tonight she threw her corndog away and then threw ketchup on the floor. I cleaned it up the best I could but I will have to shampoo. I know it’s not going to come out of the carpet. I’m seriously so fucking sick of the messes and spills. It’s enough to make me lose what’s left of my fucking mind.

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