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  • July 31, 2022, 3:55 p.m.
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So this is what I’m sending (now, like I just did it) the Neurologist.

I’ve had to move my appointment due to a family emergency. It’s okay as it sets you and the ENT (Watford) one or the other every 3 months.
I wanted to touch base with you on the medication as I am still almost constantly dizzy on Venlafaxine. I’d seen Watford on the 20th who advised that we try another medication because the dizziness is not something I should have to get used to. I am a bit apprehensive about changing medication because it has helped so much with the painful migraines.
The situation with the disability with work is being reviewed and not likely to go through. I’m waiting for a response on the appeal but regardless of what happens there I will not be returning to the factory environment. No matter the outcome of that bologna I’d really like to get rid of the dizziness. Is there anything else you might suggest? (Watford said there’s like 50 combinations of medications for migraines+ vestibular migraines)

Please Advise
Jennifer Webster

Jake messaged.... he’s supposed to be well on his way on a shot trip (5-6 hours) with a friend to deliver some Guinea pigs.... … he messaged saying he was outside the friend’s house while she argues with someone.... this bothers me… not Jake messaging.... I always want to know what’s going on.... but that his friend is disrespecting his time. It’s so obvious she’s taking advantage of his kindness.... not my call though.... I would totally knock on the door and make it known “We leave in 10 or we don’t leave. This conversation can wait till she gets back or sleep on it.”.... then again… I am more likely to do things like that for others than myself. If I were physically with Jake right now.... I would totally do that. Of course, if it was me alone waiting in the driveway in my car.... it would take a bit of time for me to make such a statement and it would not come out so bold “Excuse me, I’m going to use your restroom real quick. Can you please wrap this up so we can get moving? I’d like to get home sometime tonight.”

I moved a bunch of stuff from the chest freezer to the upright and sorted food for the week.... Lasagna, bratwurst, fish, and bagel pizzas will be options for dinner this week.... I also pulled some chicken for salad. There are a ton of cheap 3min microwave pizzas and lunch meat for lunches.... I’ll have to pic out a couple things for breakfast and snacks. .... Will need to get with Sammy on if there is anything he wants this week.... also Hagen Daz is on sale and I know Rocky is low....

on with my day.... it’s almost 4 pm and I’m going to do the therapy I need to get done now....

death-by-love July 31, 2022

Hagen Daz is never on sale!!! :o Wow!! Grab it while you can. And nope. Dizzyness isn't something you should live with!

JHkerriokey death-by-love ⋅ July 31, 2022

Rocky is a bit of an ice cream snob. We stock up whenever it's on sale. Publix, check out those BOGO's if you have one nearby.

fjäril July 31, 2022

I was absolutely awful on Topamax for migraines (like suicidal type awful) and couldn't stop throwing up when taking Effexor. the only thing that has worked for my migraines is Ajovy, but of course my neurologist is on an indefinitely long medical leave! thankfully his clinic did give me unlimited refills on the injection. I imagine that they'll want to touch base at some point as he's been out for eight months and we normally have appointments to see each other every three months.

JHkerriokey fjäril ⋅ July 31, 2022

The horrible nightmares that are regular migraines have been severely reduced. I honestly feel like I can deal with the "vestibular migraines" if that's what is causing the dizziness... but ENT assures me we will find the combo that leads to not having dizziness at all....

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