Car broke down. in Since OD is shutting down....

  • July 25, 2022, 4:14 a.m.
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I took my daughter to the park yesterday and on our way home, the car decided to run really shitty and then die so we ended up waiting about 4 hours for a tow. It was hot, we had very little water in the car and my phone was dying. My parents showed up so we were able to arrange a tow. Now I get to figure out getting it to a shop and affording the bill. I think either the fuel pump or the fuel filter went out.

I had messaged her Dad and we were supposed to meet him at the mall which didn’t happen. He waited for probably 2 hours at the mall and then I got a message saying, “oh well I’m going home” and he KNEW my fucking car broke down and we were waiting for a tow! He sent me a picture of him wearing a company shirt and is working so I’ll be in touch with CS tomorrow. He acts like if he even has a job that I should kiss his ass. He hasn’t even paid a dollar in well over a year and I wouldn’t be surprised if this job is paying under the table to avoid paying.

I just want to know how people like this function in the world without getting their shit rocked. He acts like I should just be eternally grateful that he’s gotten a job even though I don’t know how long he’s been working or if I’ll even see CS! I am just so fucking sick of this bullshit.

Anyways, we are going to hang out with my Mom for awhile so I’ll write again later.

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