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  • July 12, 2022, 2:58 p.m.
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Jake and I are in .... mutual encouragement.... competition… whatever you want to call it. I ask him for a daily goal and it helps me regardless. He has been doing door dash for like a year now so he’s got a good idea of what is doable (at least in his area) and what pays the bills. Knowing I have plans… I try to outdo whatever number he gives me .... BUT I also pretty much so have to go home when Rocky messages me he’s awake. I was one order short of goal yesterday and 4 short today.... so whatever goal Jake gives tomorrow will be that +5.... and I’m sure I’ll make up for it on the weekend when I’m 10 behind.... and do 23 in a day (current record for me).

I didn’t come to talk about work though....

We just watched Squid Game…first episode… I get the premise but.... I can’t imagine getting in so much debt that basically selling my mind and body for someone’s entertainment would be a good idea. We’ve only watched one episode!.... I’m sure we will watch it all even if I hate it.

Moving on.... again not what brought me here.

Mom moved Alicen in with her boyfriend and regrets it. She is back on the hunt for a place for her to be and in the mean time has to go to her apartment with Terry once a day and make sure she takes her meds. .... it’s only been a week and a half..... Dad goes in the morning and has to make sure she takes her morning meds.

not that though

Gabby is in TN visiting her dad. She is down here till the 23rd and would like me to go get her for a while. I planned it out with Rocky and her dad and we will go get her and take her to dinner somewhere Thursday. I’d also like to see her after I get activated the 19th but before she goes back on the 23th.... likely alone the 22nd.... She asked me to make her another pair of earrings and chose some colors… I’ll be sure to get pictures of them because I intend on getting them to her while she’s down here....

still not it… but getting warmer.

Rocky.... called 3 places about marriage consoling today.... 1 quoted $125 another $120.... a session= 1 hour… don’t take insurance… the third one....the $40 copay that I’d been mostly expecting. The therapist is out of state (or the country) right now and they can’t make any appointments till he gets back. I’m glad he finally did because $40 a session is doable at like once every other week or so. He literally while I typed that out called to verify it with the insurance company. They said we need a diagnosis from a Behavioral Health Physician .... what diagnosis I don’t know but he said he will call around about it tomorrow. (It’s already 4:55 and he would likely not get answers today anyway.)

Filled out a calendar for the next 3 months on our appointments so if he gets callbacks on when to schedule he can do it without me.

Guess that’s it.... moving on with my life.

Jakers July 23, 2022

That Jake guy seems like a keeper. Does he have any siblings I hope so he loves u w all his heart

JHkerriokey Jakers ⋅ July 23, 2022

Not sure why siblings would matter.... he is a great guy and we will just have to wait this out to figure out his keeper ranking lol

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