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  • July 6, 2022, 4:20 p.m.
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It’s been a good week…well sort of… a good week that foreshadowed the annoyance that is about to occur.

Rocky had Sunday off. Which honestly, that sucked… it cut my hours short with Door Dash and my time short with Jake :(.... we are dealing....

Every day this week we’ve gone out to eat somewhere and a couple of days we’ve added shakes.... or coffee… and Rocky paid… the problem is he thinks that money is spendable… and I”m letting him spend it.

Today, after we are home for the day he says ” Internet is due, is it okay if I just pay it, it’s 89.” ” No, that’s not okay, you’ll have to wait till you get paid Friday.” “Can you check the accounts?” So I did. “If you pay it now there will be 30 left in the house account.” .... I don’t know if he paid I’ll check the account before I head out in the morning.

Other notes.... Jake has decided we can’t live like this and we are flirting with meeting up 1/2 way.... somewhere in Ohio… I’m all for it… if I left on a day Rocky works.... around 4 am… and be back before he gets home… aiming for 7:30.... we could spend 5 hours together.... if we can find a hotel or something that has appropriate hours to accommodate..... but all of that scheming requires me to get our money right and build my personal fund up enough.... so honestly it won’t be soon. Also, 5 hours is not nearly enough.... I’d like to plan out a whole trip north.... mostly for us.... Jake and I....

The way he talks… I know it’s talk.... but it’s good to hear… He makes it sound like we are an eventuality. That it wasn’t our time before but it IS coming. It’s hard to turn away from.... and I don’t want to....

Got a flat tire yesterday.... got it fixed… $45 … we were supposed to get my car fixed today but the dealership doesn’t have the part yet.... so in 4 weeks-ish.... when they expect to get the part I’ll be paying 170-445 in order to get the key out of my ignition. I did get an oil change and tires rotated so at least that’s fixed for now.

Brushed my hair this morning and was overcome with nausea and dizziness so I had to wait a bit before going out.... but when I did I got orders right away.... so that was good…

I guess the healing is going well BUT… there are spots I can touch on my head that feel like .... like a penny tastes..... like chewing aluminum foil.... and bad bruising… and nausea.... I can’t put my glasses on … I can’t look behind me. .... it’s fun

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