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  • July 5, 2022, 10:46 a.m.
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I dreamed this morning… this is just a quick jot down before heading out to do door dash this morning.

I pulled into a parking lot driving a go-cart that was only slightly bigger than actual go-carts, like it was as off the ground as a regular car but just as open as a go-cart. I needed help finding a spot to park because everything had a symbol on it like this is only for people who work here, pregnant women, veterans, or people with pets. There wasn’t anything I clearly fell into. The lot had attendants so I hollered out to one and they placed me at some catch-all parking spot that wasn’t too far from the front because I’d told them I’d be dizzy by the time I left and wouldn’t want to walk far. The parking spot was attached to a machine you paid for that looked like an ATM. I used a car to pay for my spot and get $10 in tokens out (assuming for rides n stuff).

While I had been parking and paying, the attendant had walked off and returned with a backpack shaped like a monkey.... cute AF… and 2 rain jackets that were size large. Once I was on my way I took them to a booth that sold them and asked to exchange them for a larger size. They were very upset at me for asking and closed up shop right then taking the backpack and rain jackets with them. I shrugged it off. I mean I paid nothing for them. Moving on with my life....

I walked around to see thousands of craft booths.... in fact that is all I saw. Suddenly I was in a building and I was able to float while looking through these booths. Leading with my foot like some superhero stance. Discovered the building used to be a church as there were statues of angels partially crumbled, mostly in the face throughout. I thought about how I could get a booth.... asked a lady about it who told me there was a show in MI at the end of the month..... suddenly I was making plans to move. Like one show would change everything. Then I woke....

and now I feel like I”m running late lol. It’s 4:45 and I’ve been at the gas station filling up at this time.

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