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  • June 27, 2022, 11:16 p.m.
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We got up at 3 am and were out the door by 4. Nothing was open along the way for Rocky to grab food till 5 so as far as I know he went without breakfast. He swapped between watching tik tok and cat napping in the lobby while I worked on a rather large crochet project.

I was called back with 2 others. one being male and the other being a woman well in her years. I was logically the only one who needed to take a pregnancy test. After that, I was only alone long enough to get in a gown + for about 15 mins. Then it was “I’m part of the ___ team.”

When Rocky was allowed to come back I swear he spoke softer than usual while sitting on my bad side because I had to point it out. He would be talking about some dumb thing he’d watched 20 mins ago.....

When they took me back for surgery I played car....honking my horn “beep beep” at groups congregating in the hall and wishing everyone a good day. I moved to the operating table and I was only 3 breaths in when..... ” did you sleep well?” all over.... started talking to the nurse and waking enough to put clothes back on. I talked off and on for an hour.... then they (the nurse and Rocky) helped me get dressed. I got wheeled out to the car and we were on our way. Slept most of the way home.

I had asked him to drop me off before going to get my meds..... but we stopped at the Burger King drive-through and Walgreens. I had him get me a whopper jr. ......

We got home and I swore I didn’t want to eat it.... but after he settled into his chair ( I in mine) I realized how long I had till the next pain med (oxy) and decided to give it a go. Slow bites.... everything moved to the left side. .... jaw is sore AF… all over now lol.... food eaten....

Catnapped in the chair till 2:30 when I could take a pill.... Rocky laid down… I had expected him to take a nap.... However.... not as long as he did.....

I’ve been up and down all day… pill times I”m up.... got hungry once.... had to pee… even had an argument with Rocky cause I wanted to work in a sleepy drugged state fairly early in the day.

He’s still asleep.... he’s gotten up only to talk to me when I’ve gotten up. Told me I wasn’t allowed to work … heavy equipment and I’m a fall risk according to nurses … answered when I asked when he has to be up tomorrow. .... Nissan is on shutdown (planned yearly for the 4th) and Rocky’s crew takes advantage of extra cleaning time. He’ll be doing OT all week… have the 3rd + 4th off and do it again next week.

I’ve been messaging Destiny and Jake every time I’m awake. I think Jake’s having trouble .... well I’m having trouble with the idea that Rocky has slept all day.

Seriously though… I shouldn’t be getting up for meds. Someone should be bringing them bedside quietly when my time is up so that when I wake they are right there. Same with dinner. I don’t even know where Rocky put the aftercare instructions!!! I went with chicken broth microwaved around 5:30.... also, every time I’ve gotten up I’ve had blood dripping out of my ear-covering cup. The first time it happened I woke him: “Hey I need you to get up and look at this and make sure the gauze are in the right spot and everything is ok. There is blood everywhere.” I turned on the side lamp and he looks at me “Yeah, they said that would happen.” He did not get up.... I got a wet rag and clean myself.... now I’m keeping a kleenex on the edge of the cup to prevent it from getting everywhere.

I can’t find the aftercare papers.... barely found the antibiotics they want me to take twice a day.... I’m awake every 2 hours.... and he just slept all day.... someone tell me that’s okay.... basically he had to get up 2 hours earlier than normal and I basically got the Van Gogh treatment and he’s the one sleeping all day. :(

Texting with Jake on Life360 ” I wouldn’t sleep but that’s just me ur my girl I would take good care of Jen but you know things are things now”..... makes me want to cry.... but also smile? lol would have been nice at any point today really to have been tucked in within hearing distance of an aware person and kissed on the forehead.

Med time was 45 mins ago… I’m sleepy again… so … bye

Jakers July 01, 2022

Rocky I'd putting nails in his own coffin you can't live like this where u are recovering from probably the most important surgery of your life jen n hevis like whatever just going to sleep it's sad well prayers for speedy recovery

JHkerriokey Jakers ⋅ July 01, 2022

Yup, lol I mean it's super important .... ticked Destiny off too.

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