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  • June 22, 2022, 9:58 a.m.
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So, my days had gotten messed up with the Juneteenth holiday and Rocky having Sunday off. We’d waited for the tow for about an hour and ultimately Rocky decided to call and cancel his plasma donation …except it was Monday and his plasma donation was scheduled for Tuesday.

He spent Monday working on the car and though he took plenty of breaks and we had to make a couple runs to the parts store.... he managed to get it done.

Yesterday I started out with Door Dash and had been messaging Krystal. Ended up doing breakfast. She paid, insisting as she just got a $3500 bonus at work. I let her and love that she’s doing well. Her son will be moving in with his dad in a few weeks because .... because he’s lonely.... her schedule isn’t great for children… but it’s nice that he decided that on his own.

I told her all about the situation and she’s proud of me lol. She’s been talking about how I need to leave for like 2 years.... I’d said some amazing things I’d received from Jake and she seemed shocked. She was taken by the fact that those things seemed like normal things in a relationship.... things honestly I’ve never had. How would I know I should have them? How would I know I even want them? .... It was super nice to have a conversation about the situation that didn’t end with someone feeling hurt.... but more excited for me. I will have these things one way or another. By the end of our little date she was asking when I was moving lol.

So, I get home just in time for Rocky to go give plasma. I didn’t realize I had both sets of keys so he couldn’t have gone without me.... but all is well he was on time. After that we went and got groceries. Then, we chilled for a bit and were playing Phase 35 ( Destiny’s twist on a card game called phase 10). We got a good 5 phases in when I got a text from my mom.

“I will be to your house shortly.”..... I panicked to be honest. The last I’d heard was the situation in which David was practically kicking her out. Was Joshua with her? have they eaten dinner? OMG my house is a mess… OMG I wanted to wash the bed sheets on the guest bed before she came. I thought she was going to “let me know” How honestly rude it was to be “on her way” and not tell me the solid things she knows… I texted her back that we were running to Food Lion for stuffs for sloppy Joes and she’d said “That’s okay I’ll sit and enjoy the quiet.”.... What? quiet? so Joshua was not with her? .... after the ” i need to move out” you are going to just leave Joshua with David?!?!?.....

When it all came down to it.... mom and David are working on it.... and there was a misunderstanding about the surgery date. WHEW!....

The sudden stress I’d had sent me all spins though so that sucked.... it’s fine… we calmly chatted for a few hours and went to bed.

I was up at 2am this morning (almost 4 now). Mom says she’ll stay till I get back from dashing this morning. Then I’m sure we will chat some more.

Being as it’s only 4 I think I may nap in my chair real quick. 2 am is too early. ....

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