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  • June 21, 2022, 6:40 p.m.
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This intermittent fasting seems to be working - although what diet doesn’t work the first week?

I will say that though it is REALLY HARD to fast during the day when I used to snack around, what keeps me together is knowing I can eat what I wanna eat when my fasting time is done. A lot of my internal talk is just telling myself to WAIT.

AND it is helping me stay below 1200 cals per day.

I know I’m not eating the healthiest but I haven’t had time to cook. Maybe this weekend I will. I actually like to cook veggie things but I haven’t had the time.


10am - 4pm - 150cals - coffee with creamer
1230pm – 1pm – 5cals - Broth
330pm - 4pm - 10cals - 4cps water w/ Gatorade flavor
330pm - 4pm - 420cals - small caprese sub sandwich and chipsssss
7pm - 730pm - 250cals - hotdog with cheese

Total cals - 835cals
Total water - 7 cups

1 hr leisure walk

Deleted user June 21, 2022

I have read and watched a lot of stuff about IF. I have done much of it too. Mostly the 16/8. Trying to get back into it. I have also done 1-4 day fasts which are a mind fucker. Like getting high. What is great is you can throw all your calories into a short time and then burn them off for a long time. GOOD FOR YOU!

sedentary Deleted user ⋅ June 22, 2022

wow I don't think I so a 4 day fast!!!! If I've ever done a one day fast it's been accidental! But the intermittent fasting seems to be working this week so I'm sticking to it as far as it'll take me.

Deleted user sedentary ⋅ June 22, 2022

It has worked for me. I learned how long we can live without food when I was sick years ago. To kill a virus, doc told me to stop eating for a week. I did. I felt light headed but clear in thinking. It takes a while before your body gets done with the fat and then munches on the muscle. But simple daily fasting is good because it cuts out the tendency by people to snack or eat all the time. Your body uses the glycogen from your food and then if time, starts in on the stored stuff. Fasting makes your body clean out the dead tissues in your brain (or so I have read) and around your organs. Just what I have read and seen in some videos. Fasting is natural to humans because food was not always available as hunter-gatherers and so we HAD to learn to live on our stored energy.

sedentary Deleted user ⋅ June 22, 2022

That's actually amazing info I never heard of.
I know that I snack entirely too much and through these days of fasting it proves I'm not gonna DIE if I go a day without food.
I've been doing this 6 days and yesterday I did feel a bit light headed but it was right before it was time to break the fast so I ate and felt fine.
I'm ready for a clearer brain because I AM forgetful!!! Thanks for the info!

Deleted user sedentary ⋅ June 22, 2022

Good article. Reputable source. https://www.medicinenet.com/what_happens_to_you_when_you_fast_for_16_hours/article.htm

I need to get back on it. Will probably do the 24-hour or more fast soon. I like the challenge. I like the sound of my bitching belly. Important thing is stay hydrated. Water not junk.

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