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  • June 18, 2022, 9:53 p.m.
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  1. A head-canon where the meme character “Jeff The Killer” turns out to have been Geoffrey The Giraffe from Toys ‘R’ Us all along and that’s why they had to close the chain, to shield them from future liability for his murders that goth teenagers on tumblr found inexplicably sexy.

  2. I mean, ultimately, you can’t go wrong with the band name “Tasteful Nudity”.

  3. Long John Silvers and Arbys merged together into Yaaarrrbys.

  4. If you join the Mile High Club as a solo act, that’s called a Palm Pilot.

  5. I hope that someday Eminem opens a lawn furniture store next to “Mom’s Spaghetti” and calls it “Wicker Wicker”.

  6. A men’s lingerie line called “Later Hosen”.

  7. The youtube person says “links in the description”. You go down to the description. SURPRISE, YOU MISHEARD, YOU HAVE BEEN MAULED TO DEATH BY A LYNX.

  8. They were going to attempt to put on a production of “Equus” at the city pool until they saw the sign that said “no horse play”.

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