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  • June 16, 2022, 7:07 p.m.
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  1. An agnostic God who has trouble believing in Himself.

  2. A Dungeons & Dragons character concept: a tabaxi that took the Chef feat named Taybaxi after the acclaimed character actor Vic Tayback who played Mel the cook on ALICE.

  3. The patron saint of wells is venerated at The Cistern Chapel.

  4. A good portion of Turbo Teen’s life was an auto-body experience.

  5. How do they call their Halloween promotion “Knott’s Scary Farm” when they could’ve gone with “Knott’s Buried Farm”? Just let me name everything that isn’t important, it is my destiny.

  6. The pope of vampires goes around in a bloodmobile.

  7. An ironic Morbius convention in California and the town its hosted in temporarily changes its name to “Morba Linda, California”.

  8. There was a point in history where suburban malls were Rainforest Cafes, Rainforest Cafes as far as the eye could see, creating the very oxygen of breath for suburban people. In recent years, we have clear-cut the Rainforest Cafes down, destroying their delicate ecosystems.

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