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  • June 15, 2022, 6:43 a.m.
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I drove up to McDonald’s, waited for a door dash order and ate some pop tarts in the parking lot. Destiny called just after I picked up my first order there. I had another order and it was to a road 2 roads over from home so I decided it would be a good time to refill my drink and use the restroom.... but now the app is dead.... so I’m here till I get another order....

I saw yet another comment from Karen.... and have decided that apparently other people’s business is all she does. I went to block her and realized all her amazing comments will be lost… so I’m going to post them here.... then block her…

With and without you
Them: So you cheated on your husband because you couldn’t control yourself around another penis? How would you feel if Rocky did the same thing with an ex behind your back? Why did you even marry the guy if you weren’t going to be faithful?
my reply: You know nothing about the situation. I don’t mind ignorant comments all that much because I can choose not to answer you your uninformed questions.
Them: Unless Rocky is okay and has agreed with an open marriage, you’re cheating. There is zero excuse. If you’re unhappy with him, divorce him. Don’t be lazy.
my reply: No, not divorcing him is not lazy .... and again commenting on something you know nothing about. My relationships are not for you to sort out and put in your little boxes.
Them: Then don’t cheat. Do you lack self decency and self control or something? You can get pissed all you want, but what you are doing is 100% wrong. Clearly, you need someone in your life to tell you the truth and not coddle your poor choices like everyone seems to be doing. Cheating is wrong. What you are doing is wrong. You are betraying Rocky just because he’s not having sex with you. Go to a couples sex therapist then. You should feel horrible for doing this. Like I said, how would you feel if you found him screwing around with an ex behind your back?
my reply: Lol no one is coddling me. I’m not angry. Honestly, I feel like this is some kinda joke. Someone thinking that what they say on the internet would matter to me.
Them: This is not a joke. What you did was wrong. You’re being a pretty disgusting narcissist. Admit to Rocky what you did. Then either divorce him or work on your marriage. And yes, not divorcing is absolutely lazy. Rocky might not be a good guy, but you’re screwing around your husband’s back because you’re too immature to control yourself around another penis. I’m embarrassed being the same gender as you. Little, immature girls like you are why incels exist.

Getting down to it.
Them: You know it’s pretty cheap to self file for divorce. Stop cheating on the husband you sleep next to. You aren’t a good person.

Throw some water on it.
Them: It is 100% YOUR FAULT. Rocky or Jake didn’t hold a gun to your head to do it. You made a decision to do it and to hell with anyone getting hurt. Stop being a gaslighting narcissist. I hope he divorces you. You do not deserve either male and to get angry that Rocky doesn’t even want you touching him is childish and selfish.
my reply: To quote your bio “If you don’t like what’s on this diary, don’t read it. You have the right to block me if you find me disgusting or horrible.”
Them: I’m just calling you out on your wrong where everyone in your life is too busy sugar coating the shit you are leaving.

but why?
Them: Narcissist much? You cheated because you were lazy, selfish, and horny. If you actually felt this way, you would have taken Rocky to a marriage counselor and worked on things or divorced him in order to find out what and who you really wanted. Don’t play the victim card. You, as an adult woman, made a conscious choice to cheat on your husband. You cannot blame this on anyone else or try to justify your decision to avoid responsibility.

Thank you Karen
Them: This is a narcissist behavior you know. You’re trying to get public sympathy because you cannot stand someone calling you out on your wrong. I’m not giving you pats on the back for cheating on your husband so you make an entry like this so you can get that victim fix.

And you continue to deny what you did was wrong along with trying to justify it to yourself, your husband, and everyone who will listen. You don’t even want to fix the marriage or make this wrong, right. You just want everyone including your husband to say that what you did was okay and to give you sympathy. You are not the victim. Rocky is.

I am blocking her now because it’s just too silly now. Seriously though.... so these are journals… writing about our own thoughts and feelings is what they are for… so writing on my thoughts and feelings is narcissistic behavior.... ? I don’t go around in the world and tell everyone they need to feel sorry for me.... nor am I doing it here. People have the choice to read or not. I am not the center of the world.... rolls eyes....

This stupid shit actually came up in conversation with Dest this morning..... so it’s affecting me outside the journal.... time to get rid of it....

Feel free to make fun of Karen as you wish. I’d love to hear it.

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