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  • June 14, 2022, 5:57 a.m.
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I can’t wait till I hit like 204 and take measurements again.

People keep telling me I look like I’ve lost weight even though the scale isn’t at the lowest it’s ever been.

And I KNOW (because I used to take my measurements monthly) that sometimes the body loses inches even while the scale stays the same number. So it’s possible that I’m “smaller” even without the scale at it’s lowest.

But also, they’re seeing me in summer clothes that they haven’t seen me in for a while and when you wear clothes that fit - instead of clothes a size too big to hid yourself or be comfortable - then it looks like you’ve lost weight when really it’s just the clothes. I dunno for sure what’s up with me.

Food wise, for my father’s birthday, my sister made an Indian feast and I had way too much rice and naan for someone on a diet. AND THEN it turns out my sister DID NOT get my father a chocolate cherry cake cause she couldn’t find it so he just got a chocolate mousse cake, of which I did partake.

I really gotta get on the scale one of these days and just face the music. Getting up to 213 scarred me but I could easily get to 220 and not know it by avoiding the scale if I’m not exercising and eating chocolate mousse cake!

I mean, it wasn’t all bad. I did have my smoothie and water but I’m just too over weight to keep half assing all this like I do. I forgot to take my damn water bottle to work today! Just gotta drink it outta a coffee mug the old fashioned way!

Last updated June 14, 2022

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