Jam packed June in Weight Loss Surgery

  • June 13, 2022, 10:04 a.m.
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First off - movie theaters are hell if you’re on a diet LOL. There’s nothing safe!

I went and saw Jurassic World - which was AWESOME - and really I knew I was going to eat in there so I ate really good before the 6pm movie. Then in the movie I had a slice of pizza, some handfuls of popcorn and some diet coke. And then ice cream after cause my husband is a masochist.

But I’m not gonna beat myself up over it.

Ever since my period hit and I gained I’ve been avoiding the scale, and now I keep forgetting to get on before I get dressed and breakfast, etc. Or maybe I’m just terrified to face it.

I’ve been keeping up with my walking but I know that walking isn’t REALLY enough to get the lbs off. I just keep slacking on actually doing a REAL work out. I feel like I do better in a class but I don’t wanna pay for a class.... cause if I’m left on my own I just half ass everything.

I also am still not back on my constipation meds routine - which is setting me back in releasing what naturally needs to GO.

Water would help too you dumb bitch - speaking to myself....

My niece also had a dance recital and we went to Friendly’s afterward. The wouldn’t let me order an entree off the kids menu so I ate half a grilled cheese with water and they did let me get a kid’s size ice cream, which I guess in other parts of the world would really be a normal adult portion. I had a good time and didn’t leave sick. Until I ate the other half of my grilled cheese later in the day. That was… binge eating or something. I wasn’t even hungry I just WANTED it.

For dinner I wanted pasta and I had pasta. I mixed it with zucchini pasta to save myself a bit but still…

I put this truffle cheese seasoning on the pasta (got it from Costco) but either it’s really salty or I put too much and made my food salty. I feel like salty food makes me really sleepy....

I know if a person eats too much sugar and passes out it’s a diabetic thing but what if the same reaction happens with salt.

My father’s birthday is tomorrow but we’re celebrating today cause Emma isn’t here tomorrow. Luckily he likes chocolate cherry cake and I don’t so I won’t be tempted.

Then father’s day, then my father in laws birthday, then my birthday, etc. etc. etc.

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