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  • June 8, 2022, 8:22 a.m.
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I also apparently had been another bitch moment after the wedding and in order to gather the wedding party for pictures at the Stream. Heather, Destiny’s sister, had decided it was a great opportunity to get a picture of her family with her grandmother and whatnot I was hot about it so I went to Destiny and ask her about it. She had been talking to a woman who apparently found my slight bossiness very attractive. I had to check in with Destiny to see if those pictures were okay because if they weren’t I was ready to approach Heather and tell her she was being a selfish cunt. The woman said “Oh, I really do like her”. lol

Destiny worked out over the phone to meet the photographer at Crampton park. We had more than 2 hours so I suggested we run by WM and use the restroom and Gabby could pic up the cell phone she left. That went well, the driver had to go too lol.

Then we did all the party photos I can’t wait to see. It appears Destiny has gotten some already but I”m not going to be the one interrupting her cruise to get my own personal copies. We will sort it during the week when she’s getting back to normal.

At the very beginning of the reception I had to have another one of those bitch moments. ” if you aren’t part of the bridal party or smoking cigarettes go inside” there were far too many people outside, all just chilling. We wouldn’t be announced until the sound system was fixed and we were standing outside for almost 15 minutes before being announced. Once we got inside nobody really knew where to go so we just made it up me and Mike and then everyone followed us. Nobody had poured champagne in the glasses for the wedding party so giving toast was on pause.

I believe the woman’s name is Sarah need to add her to my Facebook friends. Once we were all settled in she helped get us drinks to make our toast with then at some point I had been glancing at Jake fairly frequently apparently and she decided that was a good time to approach me as she was in my line of vision she came up to me and told me that she’d not had sex for 12 years and that she was really thinking about going for tacos. Later she caught me staring at Jake again she stuck her tongue out at me lol.

I would say it went fairly smoothly Rocky helped with the food in fact so much so that people thought he had cooked it he was the guy manning the buffet very proud of the fact that he did something.

When I got a plate I went back to the bar to get a couple of drinks I wanted them for myself but walks by the table and dropped one off for Jake it was so funny it looked like a jealous girl move but it wasn’t. I just wanted to share a drink with him one more time before leaving.

Hailey came to me filled with anxiety Destiny was going to make us all dance as the wedding party to the first dance of the bride and groom no one wanted to do it, it didn’t make sense in my head that’s not how that works once the bride and groom have danced then the dance floor is open and anyone can dance but don’t force people to dance with each other so I mentioned it to her and the scene was dropped.

We all had a great time doing silly stuff like the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide I didn’t dance any real serious dances because the one that I wanted to dance to I can’t even remember the song but the moment I was struck in the mood. I was reminded that my husband has no sense of rhythm and can’t dance. I thought well I’ll talk to Rocky real quick and see if I can get a dance in with Jake and then I saw Jake get up. He had his sometimes girlfriend I say his sometimes girlfriend because she didn’t care that he just spent time with me. In fact, the opposite she thought it was great that he was getting to spend time with me. I’ll never understand her as she is divorced and sometimes wears her ex-husband’s ring. Even occasionally dates him. I really believe Jacob deserves better. However, I was struck with a stupid amount of jealousy and decided to go outside.

The evening went well I did have bouts of dizziness and sat in the chair next to the door for some air I wanted to enjoy the party and not the outside but I needed to breathe a little so. Sara come over and put her hand on my head and her hand felt so good because it was cold and I was burning up, she did this twice.

You know family tradition there are bar additions to that song and apparently, Sara didn’t know them all so I corrected her this makes me the person that ” I knew I liked you” Promises of partying when I come up next

I’d left something in Jake’s car at some point he’d asked me to come to get so run around the building the long way and go another couple stolen kisses those being our last.

When it was okay time to change I did I changed but somehow I forgot pants. I had grabbed a shirt that looks just like the gray pair of leggings I had brought. I was stuck in the bathroom with no pants. All in all their only three Witnesses one to go get the bride one who got my husband and then a small child who had come to hang out in there and apparently her mom who was looking for her it was however extremely hilarious could have just left the dress on.

After changing I discovered that Rocky had also been looking for Destiny’s “comfy shoes”. They looked exactly like the ones she’d had me wearing for the wedding. They could find a pair that were sz 7.5 but Diz is tall and a 9.... oh wait I’m a 7.5.... WAIT WHAT? lol I’d been wearing her shoes the whole time lol. So, that got sorted rather quickly once I knew what was going on lol.

Spent about 20 minutes talking to Mila’s husband about Meniere’s disease his dad had it and he was just amazed that I was doing so well I explained that stress is one of my biggest triggers but I always end up having the worst part of it after the stress is over so there I was at the wedding reception feeling a bit dizzy

So much more to write about ya’ll....though wedding stuff is over.

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