june 5 in idea barrages

  • June 5, 2022, 8:53 p.m.
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  1. To redeem Dr. Octopus, Spidey should’ve just used otto-correct.

  2. A gig’s a spear they use to ensnare helpless fish to eat them & that’s why it’s called the “gig economy”. A brand’s a thing you burn into flesh to know it is owned by something else & that’s why they tell you to make yourself a “brand”. The English language is ancient & it knows.

  3. Actually, when the devil went down to Georgia, he just discovered that humidity was so much worse than a dry heat and made hell even worse by making it more like Georgia.

  4. A garlic-focused restaurant called Allicin Wonderland.

  5. Pregnancy is just swelling due to a nut allergy?

  6. I kind of want to start a huge comicon in western New York just so we can call it “The Geneva Convention”.

  7. Philadelphia should have a mascot called Jawn Laroquette.

  8. Why call it a “coin-operated nudie booth” when you could call it a “pickleodeon”?

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