Umbrella entry, so sorry in Second 1st

  • June 5, 2022, 3:53 a.m.
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We did finish the signs Friday morning. Then it was off to the races. Everyone, had jobs to do. Rocky actually got up at 8:30 to help the guys pick up the chairs.

Destiny and I went to pay off the caterers and get a message. I hated it. They rubbed some lotion in bunch of places I never would. We also got facials that resulted in me being absolutely disgusted. The actual message was nice.....

Then to the American Legion Hall to meet up with the flowers lady. (Pics in future). Back to the house to make 3 large pans of lasagna. At 3 start moving things to the hotel and check in.

The Suite she got was not big enough for everyone she wanted to stay. Because I get up so early I told her I’d just sleep at the house and be there before the hair people.

Then rehearsal at 5. Then rehearsal dinner at the house....

Saturday …hair…makeup…Jen knows how to fix every tiny problem. Limo, Walmart, reception..

Obviously this entry is way too loose. I’m afraid I’ll forget to talk about stuff but honestly I have no time for this entry.

It is time to round up our things. I completely intend on giving many more details over the next few days.

We say our goodbyes this morning. The Bride and groom are scheduled to come by to get luggage and pic up a driver in about 10- 40 mins. They are mostly packed so I’m about to wake Rocky to get us started and so he can say his byes too.

I would like to be out of here by… well ASAP and no later than 9.

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