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  • June 3, 2022, 5:06 a.m.
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Yesterday morning I wanted to take the girls to school but I couldn’t find the damn keys.....then I couldn’t find the wrench to put put the battery back together. Both were in his pants....after going down stairs for the keys and asking about the wrench he told me it was up here. So, I came back up and sent the girls to school on the bus.

Destiny messaged. She’d forgotten her meds. She said ” just so you are aware of why I feel like shit later” ....we can’t be having’s crunch time… we had signs to make and it was nail, I got angry. Kinda woke Rocky to help me find the was in his damn pants pocket. After telling me it was in a specific place. I don’t want forgotten meds to be an issue on Saturday.

Took meds to diz and Jake asked if he could take me to the zoo. Not Detroit but a smaller one that he takes Cian to alot. He said it’s more romantic lol.

As much as I wanted him to work… he wanted the day off though and he is his own boss after all.

It was nice got snow cones and he spilled it on himself “you just can’t take me anywhere” It was a good day
..talking about little facts about animals I knew. A stolen kiss here and there was like a real date. I hated that he was spending his money on me. His aunt called about scheduling meeting up with his mom so he called her. Then they decided they needed to swap vehicles so we headed back. It was so dumb though. Jake had just filled the tank and hers was empty......

Was dumb but it was a good day. We did 2 more runs after the exchange and he dropped me off at 3.

4 was our nail appointment. I just got them done to Destiny’s preference......they are soo in the way lol

Them we worked on signs. Didn’t get as far as I’d liked to but also got a fair bit done.

Allysa got my car key out so I plan on taking them to school this morning.

Diz is up and we will finish signs this morning. Then at 9:30 and 9:45 dest and Critter have Covid testing this morning. Then messages and facials at 11. Wedding rehearsal at 5. Then to the hotel where we will get ready Saturday morning.

Last night I talked to Rocky about weirdly teasing the girls.....he’s 40..they are 16 and 13. Destiny had told him “that’s enough” the other night....then we had a bit of conversation about sleeping in and not feeling important....smh

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