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  • June 1, 2022, 4:49 a.m.
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It was a great day yesterday. I took the girls to school because I could. I was up and had nothing to do till either Rocky got up or Jake got here.

Destiny said I’m spoiling them bur honestly, there is no reason I couldnt.....unlike this morning.

After dropping them off at 2 different schools I took a letter to the Post office. It was Destiny’s last payment on the venue.

Then I went and had some breakfast at Tim Hortons. If you are in an area with a Timmy’s know…the Avocado 🥑 toast is not worth the cost and os more avo than toast.

Jake was here at just after 9. We spent the day dashing. I really need to look into how long I’d last doing it.....seems fun, I know I’m signed up already.

Didn’t talk a whole lot. Just enjoying the company.

Had lunch at Tim Hortons too. Rocky messaged about 2 to ask if I’d be hungry when I got back..... he’d just gotten up.....

Get home by curfew of 3:30. Start a game of Garbage with R and G. D got home 3:35 and needed to go pay off 💺 chairs.

She made riblets for dinner....

Rocky volunteered to go buy her 2 packs of smokes. Apparently, when he stopped at a gas station to get something the dring, he was unable to get the key out of the car so.....he unhooked the batttery....

No taking the girls this morning.....stepped in cat poop....it’s all over the hallway right now. It’s almost time for people to start getting up. Will be a cyclone till 6:15.

Checked out Life 360 app and Jake was on the side of the road :(. I was worried so I called. He’s fine will be here asap about (9 ish) made 60 while I was with him yesterday..... and he worked till 10 not sure what he made.

Dest and I went to pay off the chairs and had R monitor the ribs...... Played some Cards Against Humanity and finished that game of garbage......

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