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  • May 31, 2022, 7:30 a.m.
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Went to breakfast yesterday, told Rocky about touches and stolen kisses. His reaction a calm “If you want to stay friends you are going to have to cut that out.” That’s it. I planned to spend Today, tomorrow and Thursday with Jake doing door dash while Destiny is at work. Rocky doesn’t seem to care at all.

We went to play cards and he asked where he should sit. I said “you can sit in Jake’s seat” gesturing to the one next to me. I put my knee against his....and he moved…that’s normal. There were some touching.....some....

He wrestled a bit with Alyssa.... they were real loud for a bit… and we played more cards....when I went to bed he was up another hour playing....Destiny had to tell him “that’s enough Rocky” (talked about it this morning).

The queen sized bed is not big enough for us and I woke at 12:30 again at 2:40 and finally got up at 4. Apparently, every empty thing was in my suitcase so that was co to deal with in the dark.

I took the girls to school because I could. Let them know that I told Rocky, in case they’d thought about telling on me, or had there own set of concerns. I don’t lie to him, never have.

8:30 he’s still asleep, he’ll be the only one here in a bit. He’ll have the car though, and he’s aware.....

I’ve mentioned Jake several times....he’s messaged me several times.... there is no reaction from. give a guess is he’s processing and we will talk about it on the way home. His choice.

Took the last payment for the venue for the wedding to the post office upon request and had some Tim Hortons alone.

I’m back at the house....8:30… I’ll crochet till Jake gets here.

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