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  • May 29, 2022, 10:42 p.m.
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Apparently I didn’t post the entry it took me forever to write this morning. Here is second one anyways.....

Today was set up to be a bit of a chill day, after the entry Destiny and I played cards. Then made a plan to get stuff for the BBQ in the afternoon. We did manage to go get her rings cleaned. Then mom called (her mom) and she came over, followed by Jake and his son Cian. Then Jess ( soon to be neice) and her 5 kids. Heather and her 5. Fred, Mike, Kim, Lorries and Hiedi.

Jake and I played cards with a few of the kids til dinner. UNO flip, Uno dare, Garbage...... was nice. After dinner Heather and Jake took the hoard of small children to a park only 1/2 a block away. The rest of us sat outside watching the guys play corn hole.

After the park Jake was only here another 30 mins. Left because Cian was starting to get cranky.

Won’t see him tomorrow.

Texted Rocky around 8.... and a few times after. He should have left around 7. I waited for a response ....and gave in to a call at 11:30. He still wasn’t up and sounded like he had a cold..... talked to him for a few moments. He decided to leave Monday morning. ......he called me around ....pm…7pm to let me know that he’d woken up shortly ago and was gathering things to leave around 9 pm… smh..... so there will be no fun “where are you?” Moments ..and I will have to get up early to let him in....it’s whatever, yall know I don’t sleep well.

Texting with Jake now. Destiny works Tues-THurs this week, then rehearsal, and wedding......trying to go to work with Jake.........asked Rocky if he got his switch because it was possible I’d be with Jake those days. “Yeah, I can’t find my little thing of games.” “On the floor in the guest room.”

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