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  • May 29, 2022, 9:11 p.m.
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Writing this before I look at comments. Maybe I got a reply from the ignorant one a got a comment from yesterday.

EVERYONE had had a few drinks…most of us were some kinda hung over. Everyone but Critter was up too early. Gabby was barely up on time. Gabby and I got our hair striped and washed ($18). She got hers blonde, Destiny got hers a dark red and I walked out dripping lol. I opted out of a blow dry as they always take forever.

Came home and Destiny took a nap. Gabby and I played Garbage (card game) till she got ready for work.

Plans were made for having no children at “adult game night” important for the flow of things. We had an argument, Gabby and I. Destiny was cleaning and Gabby wanted to be taken to work. Can’t do that because need to clean which she could have helped with. Then maybe Destiny would have had time…but as we know time stops for no one. Also, shed be going ro G-mas afterwards so I wanted her to make sure she took a change of cloths surprise children only inappropriate jokes.

Mila and Donnie showed up..... and later some girl I can’t remember.

Moments I remember.... right now…in the early morning waking hours. ....

Donnie and Mila came and sat next to me on the other side was Fred. When Jake arrived we were apart. I fixed it. Precious little time. I shuffled chairs to be next to him. Precious little time.....he couldn’t be close enough. We decided we’d play games and everyone but Donnie had gotten up to do something....He kissed me…I reacted “in front of someone we don’t know if he’ll tell” ” we have such little time” ....
Things were said....some silly promise that’d he’d move to TN if I asked apparently it took me a half hour to realize he can’t because of Cian (said Key-ann). He was saying he’d move for me be there and support me.... .it was a great night.

A pot gummie before Jake had gotten here but I did not get as high so, if I get to pic some up before I go back to TN I’ll be sure to check brands with Diz.

We outlasted them all and had some real talk. The cuddles smooches. Proved himself stronger than I. There was talk of a time before. HIs ex wife had read a live journal in which I’d written 3 paragraphs about a night with him and she got angry. I believe they weren’t even together yet when it actually happened. If they were he’s just as bad as me. Well… not....

I cried when I went to bed last night Jake and I.... in a strange spot. The gist is… I can’t remember th word but the just is that if he can’t have all of me having only a taste would be maddening. That it would drive him mad. BOTH crazy and angry that he had to share with Rocky.

I’ll elaborate later I want to spend time with my beastie before th world starts turning today and typing this stuff out on my phone takes forever…a much faster typer BUT thank God I’m not trying to do this in T9. Lol

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