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  • May 28, 2022, 7:43 a.m.
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So, the next day Jake had to cancel. Had to take his mom to an appointment. He was checking on me and keeping me informed. I know I got to see him but I don’t remember when. That afternoon we did gummies.

That night was great. We played cards had laughs and somehow....you know that state between awake and sleep. You know the one in which you can still hear and talk but maybe a dream is starting because the images behind your eyes are in no way real. I was there and somhow able to text Jake all kinda of dirty stuff for a bit. We have an understanding. We are adults....I will likely try to save the conversation ot was pretty hot. I was very adamant that I wanted to share the dream state.

I’ve been high before.... something hit different so I’m gonna say it was a mix of the gummie and the drugs I take for the migraines. .... and the high of being wanted.

I woke yesterday morning not sure if it was a dream or not. Jake bought A dozen bagels over and played some cards. Aunt Lisa came over (70 something and I don’t know who’s aunt she is lol). Critter got off early and we were eating lunch about 1. Got out of there and went to Round one.

The girls did their own thing really. We had fun with karaoke 🎤 for awhile. Then to the bar. Jake and I did manage to sneak in kisses. Stolen in the very few private moments.

We were at the bar before 8. Drunk before 10.... having a great time. A couple of Destiny’s friends met us there. Had a great time. Little miss aunt Lisa, she can’t be more than 80lbs. 3 whiskey sours and she needed someone to pick her up to put her in the van. Lol … no worries yall Destiny’s mom came to get at 1. I was asleep by 1:40.

Jake went with the guys and had a few made it home safe.

I woke at 5:30. Aunt Lisa and Critters friend Fred were sleepin on the sectional and by the time I got out of the bathroom and Destiny was up, talking to the livingroom drunks lol

My ear is worse than my head. Pounding. I believe it’s time to slow down but....

Tonight is “Adult Game Night.” Aunt Lisa staying …Critter, Fred, me, Diz, Jake....I don’t know who else but we intend to get a bit high tonight. The kids have places to be.

I entertain the thought that Jake and I outlast our chaperone and he finds his way to the basement with me......bad…bad Jen lol.

We have hair appointments this morning. Another 2 hours. Going to see how much of the pink we can get out.....

Gonna chill now. I do have a bit of a hang over…those bagels do be looking good though…lol

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