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  • May 27, 2022, 7:34 p.m.
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  1. Whenever more than three women come together to smoke weed, that’s officially an easy-bake coven.

  2. Carls Sr was good friends with James Jonathon.

  3. Making a good stew is a thyme-consuming process.

  4. We have two unrelated Avatar films with subtitles about fire and water, now. We only need three more before they can all combine into Captain Avatar, a film that will surpass them all by having the most beautiful production design and most forgettable story and characters of all.

  5. If Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered by Dr. Atkins, he wouldn’t become Batman, he’d just invent that spaghetti made outta squash because it is awful and just makes people who need to be low-carb feel even worse about not having actual spaghetti. It would be his dark vengeance.

  6. A Greek-Italian fusion dish called alfachinni al feta.

  7. I think every church should have its own Jesus and, like, the kids know it’s not The Jesus, they’re just Jesus’s helpers who pass along childrens’ wishes along to the actual Jesus only when all the children are asleep.

  8. When you yell “SAY CHEESE!” a French person thinks you’re saying “c’est cheese!” and they’re probably really confused about where the fromage is.

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