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  • May 25, 2022, 7:15 a.m.
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We left for the airport way to early. I was so nervous about the crowded areas. Though we had planned for Rocky to help get me checked in and wait with me a bit the $16 dollar fee and long walk had us reevaluating. so that turned into a fairly quick goodbye at the drop off.

I had very little trouble with getting over stimulated and managing dizziness. I was so early for my flight though that it was pretty laughable. The only difficulty was when it was crowded. Getting checked in I made the momentary choice to check in my carry on luggage. Luckily I didn’t regret it.

Then, security....I just copied what everyone else did. Luckily one of the employees had a little ditty about what goes in the bins and did his duty just as I came to a point where I could hear him fairly well.

When I got to the terminal there were like 6 people but it did prove to be a full flight. It was an hour and a half late. I kept Destiny informed so she didn’t have to wait forever…impatient at she can be…

the flight itself was like a bad dizzy day the whole time we were in the air. The walk to baggage claim I was walking drunk. The drive to Destiny’s was about the same with added conversation and laughs making way easier to handle. With something to focus on other than traffic and trees.

Jake came with Dest to get me. It was a blast from the past for real. He’s lookin good and acting right. Helping with my bags and just being the sweetest version of himself.

Stopped at WM to pick up Alyssa who was getting her hair done. Destiny’s mom made sure she made it to her appointment while she was picking me up. I bought some needed items I couldn’t bring on the plane and we went home.

Once here (Destiny’s home) she started dinner and Gabby, Jake and I played Garbage (a neat little card game) We had to restart it because mom and Destiny joined in after she got dinner in the oven.

Dest made some bomb ass lasagna. We played a few more rounds of cards before she had to go to bed.

I slept okay. There are modifications I will have to make before Rocky gets here but it should be fine. They don’t turn A/C on here till everyone is complaining so it started off a bit warm. I’ve got the doors open this morning.

Spent a few moments talking to Dest about how if I had sex with Jake no one would know but who am I kidding… one of us would tell her LMAO… and she might tell Rocky....or someone might....and I do have too much to lose.

Helped Gabby with hair and makeup this morning …she tells Destiny she’s non-binary but obviously doesn’t really know. I’ve never seen a non binary person care so much about being girly.

Alyssa is into crystals and curtain bangs. I’m going to take her to get a new crystal or 2 sometime this weeks. I brought a gift for everyone but her and I hate it. I’m going to fix it though.

Jake stayed till 8:45 and Gabby and I played giggled at Cards Against Humanity till 9:30.

I’m currently I an empty house with 8 cats waiting on Jake to come get me. I’m going to work with him today. He Door Dashes, should be fun. Promised a good Bagel 🥯 for breakfast.

I’ve got at least another hour before he gets here so I’ll crochet or read....or play games on my phone lol. Just thought I would check in. Really glad the flight wasn’t Unmanageable. Looking like a pretty active week....

After work today Destiny is picking up a friend and driving her to where the wedding will be. I’ll go with… when we getback I would like to take Alyssa to the crystal store. Then more cards I’m sure 😌.

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