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  • May 23, 2022, 10:03 p.m.
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  1. If instead of 15 minutes of fame, everyone got three months of hip-hop stardom, we could have a show called “90-Day Beyonce”.

  2. I just came up with the most revolting phrase in the English language: “apex redditor”.

  3. They say that being dead is the easiest thing to do but dying is the hardest and both of them are true. But they overlook the fact that being alive is the second hardest thing of all the things ever. And you’re doing that. So give yourself some credit, at least a little.

  4. In England, Duke Nukem’s catchphrase is “Bollocks of aluluminium!”

  5. It’s the newest less-than-lethal weapon, it shoots a high-pressure stream of olive oil to disperse the crowd. It is called the “Rachel Ray”.

  6. Take all the money spent on guns & the majority of the money spent on police & private security (a greatly-reduced non-militarized form of policing will always be occasionally necessary, sadly) & build a real social safety net, the desperation that drives most crime dissipates.

  7. An EDM DJ focused specifically on the wine-mom market called “DJ Live Laugh Wub”.

  8. A cozy mystery about a chef-detective called SMOKE AND MIREPOIX.

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