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  • May 23, 2022, 9:32 p.m.
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I got a call about the appeal Friday. Basically, she will need results from the MRI I just had on Thursday. Then, she will send all the information she has to an actual Neurologist or ENT for review. She had a few questions one of them being “If it’s so bad why are the doctors only seeing you once every 6 months and not like every 4 weeks?” I told her “I’d like to know that too, honestly. I think that it’s mostly because we are managing symptoms of Meniere’s disease which has no cure. Also, both the ENT I see and Neurologist are part of Vanderbilt and very busy. Six months is the first appointment I could get for either of them. The next for the neurologist is in August but I already have another appointment scheduled with her 6 months after that.” She said she’d call if she needed anything else.... I’ll be in MI so I hope it’s not for anything hugely important.

Someone also called about the FMLA claim from the same company. She asked if I’d like to renew and being confused as I was I explained the Appeal situation on the disability claim. She then said “so it looks like you won’t need this anymore.” .... k.... it runs out tomorrow.... I guess that means I will now be at risk of losing my job.... I don’t know.... I don’t know anything....

I’ve been stressing out the last few days and consequently feeling dizzy and worn out. Waking with migraines and feeling like ass all day.... sigh

I’ve been trying to clean the house so that it’s in decent condition when we get back.... with less success than I’d like.

Sammy left Thursday morning.... I’ve cleaned the luggage I bought at Goodwill .... most of the house is clean....

Today, apparently I scheduled our health check visits for today. 8 and 8:30.... Then we need to go pick up a bed frame that Sammy left at the apartment .... then go by Walgreens to pick up a script I had to refill because I won’t have enough for the trip.... Then have Rocky call a place in MI for a price check on a karaoke room for a party… then plant the plants I’ve got… yes I know it’s horribly late, no I don’t expect them to survive… but I have to put them in today… plus laundry.... dishes… and pack.

One day at a time.... I’m not excited for this trip, I keep telling myself that.... I’m not excited. I can’t be because that will cause dizziness. I’m worried about the flight. I’m worried I’ll forget to put the right things in the right piles. I’ll forget things … I won’t be able to find my terminal… I’ll have to throw out valuables because TSA be bitches.... I’ve looked up the rules I’ve sorted makeup to verify liquids aren’t over 3.4oz, all my meds will be in clearly labeled bottles those (makeup and meds) along with one change of clothes for the carry-on bag.

Flight takes off at 10:30.... plan on being there just after 8am.... crochet, take the pins off my purse, phone charger....

Put money aside for getting nails done, she’s requested we all get French manicures ugh.... ugh classically simple and a waste of hard earned money.... sigh

rolls eyes I will try to post while I’m there. I do look forward to hang out time and seeing Jake again. I know I’m going to have computer with drawl and that Destiny is not going to understand when I tell her I can’t do something or that my day is done. That everything after that point will be higher and higher risk for dizziness/falls/migraines the next morning.... “We have to get to the bar by 8 so we don’t have to pay cover.” .... I’ve been asleep by 8 for the last 2 years.... I am not looking forward to being run ragged and I know recovery from vacation is going to take a bit.... UGH

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