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  • May 17, 2022, 9:23 a.m.
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No word on the appeal so far. I called them Friday, and though not as to the point as I’m about to say it they said there are only 3 people who do appeals and they will call when they get to me.

Moved Sammy yesterday. It went so much better than it ever has. He had everything sorted and a game plan for where things needed to be. Also, because of renovations in his previous apartment, he was on a bottom-floor apartment this time! He left his cat there last night with his roommates and their cat. Today, he’s out with his mom. After 4 years he’s finally going to get his birth cert. so he can change his middle name. He needs to get that done so he can change his paperwork in San Diego and move on with his life. He’s had the same name as his dad for his life so far and it’s caused issues because his dad is an extremely irresponsible person. Sammy will be here till Thursday morning then he’s gone for the summer.

Checked out the TSA site yesterday to make sure I get all things packed appropriately and started the cleaning process for my house. I’d like to come home to not a mess, but I’ll just do what I can because Rocky will be here a while after I leave.

I no longer have to get a test to fly domestically so that’s a plus.... and the mask mandate for in flight has been lifted.... personally I’ll probably wear one anyways… close quarters with recycled air for 2 hours… not to mention contact with loved ones at Destiny’s wedding less than 10 days later.

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