Sweet Grass in anticlimatic

  • May 14, 2022, 12:24 a.m.
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Gosh what a beautiful evening. Girlfriend and I took a delightful stroll around town near midnight with our cat Charlotte shadowing us. The smell outside tonight, after this fluke 98 degree day in May, is extraordinary. Some kind of sweet virgin greenery or flower; something that only shows up when there are 98 degree days in may. It’s indescribable. The buds have all opened to baby leaves; each small and vibrant and tender soft to the touch. The lilacs are not even out yet. Funny how tastes change, I used to abhor spring, now it’s absolutely my favorite. It triggers memories of early childhood willow trees down by the deer park. The slope of grass with the picnic table on it, and the artesian springs trickling over ancient stonework laced with moss- always good for a drink where it bubbled the highest. I am looking forward to lilacs, and further strolls about my new neighborhood.

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