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  • May 12, 2022, 6:30 a.m.
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It wasn’t long ago that We’d said we were going to spend about $100 on some organization tools for the new garage. It hung on the fact that there was a bunch of stuff that needed to go to the dump in the back of the van (not smelly junk, but like a broken office chair and a smashed TV). One day almost 3 months ago we got ready to take it and found the battery dead. Then the battery spent nearly 3 weeks in my kitchen on a charger. When Rocky finally hooked it up the van still didn’t start.

He thought it was a problem with one of the connectors that go on the post so he bought a new one and planned to swap them out. He made a mess of that and ended up deciding to replace the wire altogether. Mind you this took another 2 weeks.

We bought the new wire and he took a few days trying to get that together. Ended up just stripping wires and fusing them using some plastic from a pop bottle. Doesn’t matter. Still didn’t run.

This is where it gets silly.... yeah THIS.... so he decides to take the battery to get tested. Yup, as the last thing before assuming it’s the alternator. Not as the first thing before bothering to try to charge it.... or as a second thing after his 3 weeks of charging. We left it at the parts place to charge for 1 1/2 hours because the guy couldn’t get a reading on it. The battery was confirmed bad.... spent $120 on a new one.

This little fire to get it fixed was brought to you by my mom. Who called up asking to borrow the van. We’d talked about doing another Yard Sale this year and she’s got 2 storage units she needs to sort out. We’d planned it for the next Wednesday which was yesterday.... and got as much done as she could. We got there early and were done just after 10.

The van is now full of stuff to put in the yard sale.... problem.... with the wedding and surgery.... and summer heat the next good time will be in September. Sammy’s going to need the van twice before then.... at least once for sure anyway. When’s the first time.... checks text messages Monday?!? cool....

Rocky will be giving plasma today. .... and working the weekend. So, we will have to unload it Monday morning or I will have to manage it alone somehow over the weekend. Sammy, last I knew, is in a mental/social state in which mornings don’t exist so it’s a given that we won’t get that mess started till late. He said he’s got a couple of large pieces of furniture and lives in a second-floor apartment. So that will be fun.

Sold 2 more books on FBA yesterday. Have yet to break even on shipping costs for the 2 boxes but I guess it’s getting there. These are the boxes with the mistakes after all.

I made a couple of luggage tags as a gift for Destiny. I intend on using one. I’ve finished 1 and 3/4’s of one and plan on doing 4 I’ll post them when I’m done.

I guess today will be pretty chill.... maybe… With Rocky giving plasma today It’s he’s not supposed to do any heavy lifting. There are only a few “heavy” heavy items in the van.... but to get his help, we would have to do it late afternoon. I’ll run it by him when he gets up and gets ready. I may have him pull the van to the back and get started while he’s gone. I’m not doing great because of pushing so hard yesterday but I could get SOMETHING done. I think....

I mean maybe not.... after dishes, laundry, and making his lunches for the weekend. ....

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