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  • May 8, 2022, 11:32 a.m.
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So, I laid down about 3:30 yesterday. We wanted to leave the house just after 5, it’s a 20 min drive to MTSU from here, and with it starting at 6 I thought we’d have time to get decent seats. I was so wrong. It was probably for the best though. I wasn’t crowded with people .... it was a rough ride though.
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After talking with Sammy this was the 3rd graduation for MTSU that day. Also, what name is Webster....soooo? At one point he texted asking if we were still there.... as if we would leave before his name was called… silly boy. He graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.8 -3.6 GPA)

I failed hard on getting what I wanted. his name being called and handshake with the College’s President. I did make it very clear though that I want some of those stage shots when he gets info on them being ready for purchase.
It took some work to find each other afterward but we did. Then we met up with mom for some photos, though I have none of her.... how strange lol.... and sent him on his way to his party… sort of.
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We’d had to park nearly 2 blocks away so Sammy took a few moments and drove us to our car. He’s such a good guy. I needed it too.... I was in the bleachers holding on to the railing for my life. I couldn’t hear the speakers and the dizziness got progressively worse as everyone thought airhorns were amazing. When we’d left I nearly fell into the polls that hold the bleachers.... no way anyone who saw it didn’t think I was drunk. Got outside and leaned against a small rock wall for a moment before trying to hunt down our graduate. Rocky was a very good guide helping me through crowds and keeping me as close to a guide wall as he could. In general, it was a rater confirming night that I just can’t do stuff normal people do but I will and I can for the right reasons. So very proud of Sammy. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Now to add “Trip to San Diego” to the list of things we have to save for. Three years from now we will be going to the graduation ceremony for his Master’s. That will be a much bigger trip though .... maybe make a detour to Los Vegas and/or L.A. and spend a few weeks out there.... We will see but we have to go for the graduation. So hard to believe I met him when he was 8 and didn’t own a pair of socks. This boy.... man … this man is going to go places.

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