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  • May 7, 2022, 12:30 p.m.
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I thought I was going to fax it off today anyway.....

So I woke Rocky just after 10. I informed him that I needed some white-out. I spent the morning writing the 4 pages of that appeals letter clear and legible. It was a large task that required breaks. I ended up writing the wrong letter in simple words at least 10 times. I did manage to not cross out words or scribble so GO ME!

So Rocky got up and we went to get something to eat because we can’t just run out and get one thing..... then we got coffee.... and went to WM. They didn’t have any white-out so we went to Dollar Tree.... they didn’t have any.... so we went to Family dollar and bought a cheap knock-off.

Then home.... spent some time being still and waiting for the 1 pm MTurk work. I took one page at a time for corrections and now it’s as good as it’s going to be. We headed out just after doing the 1 pm work to the place where I was going to fax it from.

I noticed there was some gig work to do at the Kroger next door. I haven’t done that type of work in a long time but there is no better time to restart than NOW right? So I said I could take 2 shifts on the Easy Shift app. Rocky decided it was a good time to call the A/C guy to see about moving the rescheduled visit that is scheduled on Monday to later in the day. He responded, “I’m on my way out to your place now and will be there in about 30 mins.” So I promptly canceled the shifts and we came home.

The place that we went to fax off the paper and the place had closed at 1. We will go back on Monday, after the chiro appointment. Mom texted while we were out. I’d texted yesterday to see if she had time to chat so I could get her opinion on the appeals letter. I didn’t get a response so I’d assumed she’d been busy. She had “just seen it” so I get to talk to her about it ...... um.... soon? .... I just called and she didn’t answer.... I’ll try again in a few.

Other than Sammy’s graduation we are just hanging here waiting on the A/C guy..... again....

A bit about gig work.... unlike things like Uber and Lyft they are mostly questionnaires from companies about how their products look in a store. So through gig apps, you go to the place and take a few photos and answer a few questions and get paid. I’d done it a bit before .... before working at Nissan honestly. Unfortunately, I lived in the middle of nowhere and it was not worth it.... but it will be something I will be looking more into. I also discovered that UPS has a small deliveries app as well as Wal Mart. Here’s a shortlist of the apps I will be looking into: Easy Shift, Field Agent, Gig Walk, Roadie Driver, Spark Driver, and Merchandiser by survey.com. Between that and selling books on Amazon FBA and pallet items on FB marketplace, Mercari, Poshmark, and offer up ..... maybe .... maybe.... maybe that’s way too much for me but .... I have to try. I think. ....

Last updated May 08, 2022

lessoff May 09, 2022

you cannot just type the letter up? i have horrible handwriting, half of my paper would be white out.

JHkerriokey lessoff ⋅ May 09, 2022

I'd asked via email and the response I got was "It needs to be written." .... a not answer. it's done now though.

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